We Mondaying?

Let’s Monday

Morning rich, morning everyone
Absolutely knackered, up all night trying to decide whether or not it’s fair to keep a dog if there’s nobody at home during the day during the week even if you get a dog walker every day.
Working away tue-thurs this week as well and really cannot be arsed

Much much much work to do, might actually kick my ass into gear finally due to fear of deadlines but … tbc. Could scrape by and get it all done or could be screwing up royally, let’s see how it pans out!

Fancy yoghurt for breakfast, highlight of the day til 5pm probs

Might get a sunny lunch red in the park though, does seem nice out there

Network is down at work which basically means I can’t do anything. Shame that.


Welcome to Croissant Week, everyone!


My day…

Already halfway through it. Gonna spend it agonising over applying for a substantial loan to a) buy a new (well second hand) car b) clear off some debt and c) give me a bit of breathing room for the next 8wks until I get a proper pay packet again.

Had a decent bacon roll for brekkie tho

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Morning all.

Bit groggy from the clock change.

Smudge absolutely wasn’t having it this morning either. Just grumbled and buried his head in his bedding until food appeared.

Stayed up late chatting to a pal whose having a hard time which lasted beyond my lovely ready for bed window and straight into insomnia time so i was wide awake most of the night. Did sleep long enough to have a dream about Ronan Keating.

Only just realised its the end of term this friday and i still haven’t sorted out childcare for all of Easter :grimacing:


Nursing a sore finger after slicing it open last night trying to get stubborn coconut milk out of a can.


I’ve over the other side of my work stress - or so I thought. Still one or two loose ends to resolve, oh, and then to deal with all the other things that I’ve been batting aside and telling to come and see me about after this weekend just gone :grimacing:

Still, the sun’s out

Morning everyone,

Waiting to get a phone call for a time slot for picking up furniture.

Other than that, first day back at work after a week off. Could do with another week off :laughing: :cry:

Oh well, it’s my birthday soon so I guess I can begin making fun plans for that.



Looks a nice day out.

Been dressed for a bike ride for the last 30 minutes or so but just sitting on the bed, listening to HMHB and procrastinating.

Mondaying reasonably hard. Forgot I’d booked a Pilates teacher for 8am, so she turned up at the flat bright eyed and ready to go hard, and I was still in pyjamas looking pretty much dead. Half-assed my lesson groaning a fair bit.

Anyway. On the way to sort out some network drive issues at one of the bookshops, then a break for the afternoon coz in the evening I’ve gotta call our new American shop and teach a 74 year old about database exports. Yay?

Lots to do at the ol’ beer factory. Tired and a bit grumpy. Sunny and cold though, which as we all know, is the best possible weather.


Preach. Just warm enough you can’t see your breath. Balmy sunshine. What’s not to love


All the benefits of the sunshine without all the sweatiness. Perfect.


It’s become increasingly clear that our ideal dis date would be a spring cooked breakfast, then a pint


Had a dream that my Mac had a really bad virus that turned it into Windows XP or something with loads of PornHub adverts and spyware all over it. Had also affected my phone somehow and meant I couldn’t tell anyone at work why I wasn’t online. Has made me feel weird today and I’m anxious as fuck. Cheers.

On my way.

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