We Mondaying?

Applied, and successful :grimacing:


Morning, first day off this year as had holiday I had to use. Still in bed and not sure what to do, might go for a long walk as looks nice out.

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Did the same thing for a business thing recently and can’t decide if my scared feeling went up or down when I was approved

It allows me to finance a new car plus consolidate debt into one payment, instead of finding car finance deposit (lol), car finance monthly payment and CC payments. So in the long term it’s helpful, saves me about £100pm doing it that way. But man, that’s a chuck of money to be paying back for the next 4yrs

Yeah that’s exactly my mindset - cash injection = good in theory, just need to get head around additional monthly deficit without worrying too much, but in your case specifically, I did literally what you’ve done to sort out credit card debt in my 20s and it was the best decision I ever made




I’m off, just passe Wishaw Abattoir.

Meeting a DiSer and baby for lunch

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Yeah. Trying to be an adult but having the mentality of a child is difficult


Awesome. I was just thinking yesterday that I haven’t seen them about much lately. Please pass on my best wishes. Hope they’re both doing well

(assuming it’s laika you’re seeing of course)



went to bed earlier than normal after a tough weekend then slept a lot worse. That’ll teach me. Dog also woke me up having a chat with another dog a few blocks away at 1 so that didn’t help.

Youngest off sick so he’s home with me. wanted a carers day but already had to have one meeting and my boss hasn’t read the message.

Take care fools


Was going to see Rye Lane before work (do love a sub-90 min film starting at midday) but it’s so nice I’m going to take a leisurely stroll through the park and get a coffee instead


Similar to what @xylo says: I’ve done this for my own debt consolidation and it seems massive but it’s easier if all of the (slightly reduced) payments are going out at once.

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yep. just, if you can, cut up your fucking CC’s.

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Morning all!

Lovely start to the day with a phone call from one of my afternoon class to say the building we currently use is double-booked so they’re all going home.

I have three reports (currently) to mark before lunch.

I’m listening to some wishlist things on Bandcamp but nothing is really engaging me so far.

Yes think they’re just trying to fit on as many baby classes and stuff before maternity ends


Happy Monday all.

This week I’m really busy, so I started it in the only appropriate way - by refusing to get out of bed until one minute before a meeting started. I’m very tired and don’t really want to do anything.

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No, it’s OK - I found a Horse Lords album I hadn’t heard and it’s very good.

i keep thinking this is the bassist from Young Knives, but he was House of Lords

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eggs on toast for lunch, I can’t wait


I have to do my end of year review and write loads of words, I don’t know how to find it within myself to get this done