We need an **Evening Thread** thread so that @Gnometorious can complain about being cooked tofu for dinner

Sun’s still out, isn’t it?


I’m eating a twister :slight_smile:

  • Regular twister orientation
  • That reverse style one they do in the mini packs
  • There are other even better twisters

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Gnomey content: recently I’ve been thinking about making a lasagna. Keep thinking it’ll be too hard but how hard can it be? And how delicious the pay off!


WFH, bored. However, I’m currently listening to the jazz funk stylings of Donald Byrd and everything’s gonna be allll right.

Beers soon.


I’m just annoyed at myself for suggesting we buy the tofu and now we have to eat the tofu which I’m not looking forward to because I don’t actually like tofu at all.
I’m sure the dish you make will be delicious! I might just have to pick out all my tofu and give it to you (after I try it and discover that, yes, I do still not enjoy the taste (if you can call it that) of tofu

What is the tofu dish?

Evening all :wave:

Sorry to rub salt (and vinegar) in Gnomey’s wounds but we had fish and chips on the beach for tea

(Slightly crap photo)


Make the lasagne, @Squandered, i can’t imagine a situation where you end up regretting it.


It’s so worth it!! Especially if you make a massive dish of it and have loads of portions left, some for the next few days and a couple for the freezer.


Once, when my brother was still at school, I cooked him a tofu stir fry. He said it was great. ‘tasted like Subway’ apparently :thinking:

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Prawn Stir fry for dinner. It was adequate. Better than tofu though.

Going to have a tasty beer in the garden later

@sarahispi cold brew got put in the fridge about 4pm

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I’m cooking tofu as well

Only have olive oil left though. Gonna be a weird tasting meal.


Evening all!

I was going to do an aubergine curry but couldn’t be arsed and ended up doing veggie burgers and salad.

We’ll be having tofu one night this week. I love cooked tofu.

I’ve got football in a bit. I’m really looking forward to it despite the heat.

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One that uses these ingredients, from Every Grain of Rice, which that gnome bought me for Christmas.


:heart: Lao gan ma black beans :heart:


I can’t put my finger on why I can’t stop eating it, it’s not that interesting. Not hot, just kinda oily, idk, but my word it’s moreish

Which Donald Byrd?

Pretty interesting imo. Got loads of mad stuff going on that I don’t know the words to describe. Funky.


That’s probably it, tbh