We Need Answers


There was a time (quite a few years ago, I’d just met my ex wife) when Cowards (brilliant) would be on, followed by We Need Answers (even better).

Anyway, I really want to watch them again. Bits of Cowards are on YouTube, but there’s very little We Need Answers, and I want my fill. Anyone got any idea how I can see it? I keep telling friends about it but I’ve nothing to show them.


I think all of Cowards is on YouTube, albeit in 10 minute chunks.

I’ve also tried to find We Need Answers but with no luck - no full episodes anyway.


I wish that both of those things were more widely available.

I have the audio albums of the Cowards radio shows but wish there was DVDs of the show.


I didn’t remember We Need Answers at all until I looked it up and it all came flooding back. We Need Answers’ Weenie Dancers!


Yeah, I got the radio shows too. They’re good, but not quite as good. Their faces add a lot. Tom Basden’s brilliant.

Maybe they could crowd fund a We Need Answers DVD, like Lee & herring did for Fist of Fun. Probably not as big a cult following though – just a largely missed great show.




can’t get enough of the cowards sketch where they’re living in a caravan




It’s a shame that Freeze never seems to get proper tours when Key and Basden do one, they’re so fucking funny


We named a hamster Clunes after the wonderful sketch.

“I’ve got a funny face”.