we need to get rid of the apostrophe for abbreviating words

What’s the point of it?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just type out the actual letters?

Whatis the point of it?

Wouldnot it be easier to just type out the actual letters?

You could still pronounce it abbreviated if you like though

Because you say what’s not whatis

Hopefully there are other forms of punctuation we can change too, like maybe get rid of full stops and use line breaks

nah, you say whats

I like them


Reckon we need more apostrophes if anything.

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Can fully get on board with getting rid of capital letters.

useful in names of people but that’s about it, maybe we can make it like old JRPGs and jut capitalise the whole name, hello my name is COLIN

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Apostrophes have only been around about 500 years, we can survive without them I reckon. They were introduced into English from French in the early 16th century by a man called Geoffroy Tory, and I really only wanted to mention this to make fun of his name and/or the Tories for a bit


So apostrophes are genuinely Tory? And not in a “DiS everything is Tory” way

Would you like any types of apostrophes to remain?

Well they were actually first used by a Frenchman called Pietro Bembo in 1496. But English apostrophes are unequivocally Tory in origin

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I’d like to get rid of full stops, they make everything sound so harsh

I mean the possessive ones seem to serve a function donot they?

yeah, again you can just use a line break in this wonderful modern age

I concede they would help to save space on actual paper though if you need to write something down

The possessive ones are abbreviations (of ‘es’).

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so if I said “that hat is John’s” I am saying “that hat is Johnes?”

That’s where it comes from, yes. It’s an elision (shortening) of the plural and possessive ‘es’ that was written at the end of nouns, but not really said out loud.

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Yes but the hat originally belonged to garth, who placed it on the young jones’ head as a consolation of sorts for giving up the cross of coronado, which he had stolen from garth

sorry I don’t get this at all