We need to talk about luncheon


Avocado and artichoke sarnie
Pombear (plain)
San pelli limon



This new boots sarnie; chicken chorizo and smoked beans


I still haven’t been to bed :slight_smile:


had a bananananana and a kit kat…




salad from downstairs
just having a banana
might go and get some iced coffee stupidness but i can’t decide whether to or not




also what in the blue blazers is this all about…?


The woman has prepared me something that looks unexcitingly healthy:

Cous cous with peppers, tomatoes, a bit of chicken and - perhaps oddly - mozzarella.


still yesterday for you then


I was dead surprised at how good that was.

I can’t explain why.


Body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence?


Meep, I just had a bracket reglued to my tooth so I’m a bit scared to eat anything fun. I bought the boyfriend this big bun full of appley amazingness and I am mega jealous.


shall i?


what kind of artichoke are you able to eat on a sandwich? the jar kind or fresh…?


It’s Wednesday, which is of course roast day in the canteen. I only had two small roast potatoes with my turkey and am still starving.


you’re bike riding later so I say get something in you…

Im not so I dunno…






The rest of my leek and potato soup and a buttery muffin. Disappointing, might get a chocolate bar from the shop later.