🍳 We need to talk about Sunday Dinner 🍳 DELUXE BANK HOLIDAY EDITION

She’s got a much better wardrobe than me! Her nan sent her these shorts recently, and I’m a bit jealous

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Awesome work there warno.

And ottolenghi ofc


Cheers! Yeah - cooking even more otto than normal at the moment.

First time I’ve made that tart - absolutely delicious.

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Battered halloumi or au naturel?

Au natural. Only for me as mrS had fish, and the kids one had pasta and one had pitta pizza.

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Chicken thighs with braised fennel, spring onions and peas in a white wine and lemon sauce. Roast potatoes and asparagus still in the oven. Smells amazing. Can’t wait to eat it!


Chickpea stew for tea.

It was fine.

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I can’t wait to see the roasties!

I’ve just eaten them. Sorry.

:sob: I hope they were delicious

Ever so slightly overdone to be honest. I recently moved and am still getting used to timings on the oven here. Rest of the dish was great though!

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Not the most visually appealing but damn tasty


I’d wear these!

Our friend kindly dropped off some fresh bakery bread this morning so we had sandwiches for dinner. The filling was: époisses, English mustard, tomato, quorn ham, chutney, rocket and watercress… think that’s it. Was very nice. Recommend a sandwich dinner.

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