We need to talk about wadders


different parts of that photo look like they come from different decades


Worked in? I thought you ran the gaff.


I pull my bumcheek to one side with one hand, and dab a few (three, maybe four if it is a wet one) sheets against my 'piece with the other. Imagine a technique like painting with sponge.


unbelievable that this account’s been open since september.



I’ve given up wiping my arse. What’s the fucking point?


you might just have liberated humankind from this pointless task


I hope Andrex don’t send out a hitman.



(I know it’s not the right kind of dog but I couldn’t find a golden retriever with a gun).


It should be a lab you animal hating bastard!


they’re very careful, they never leave any evidence or allow themselves to be photoed with a gun in mouth


I use a lot of loo roll for wees and poos.

My problem is I can NEVER tell if its gonna be a clean one or not. So I use a lot just in case.


Are golden retrievers and labradors not the same thing? They’re basically the same thing, right?


They are both dogs.


It doesn’t matter though? A massive wodge of paper is not better than a controlled amount.




I know this may be straying into Bernard Manning sexism but… my mother-in-law is so NO what I want to say is that when I lived with a man we would go through about four toilet rolls a year and since living with my wife you usually do that in an afternoon.


My sister-in-law is visiting next week and my wife has stocked up on loo roll specially because she is notorious for going through it.




What they do have in common is that age ten they go all smelly and then quickly snuff it.