We selfieing?


Wrapped up warm to run some errands in central.

Sleep status: Critical
Haircut status: Beyond critical

Seemingly Innocuous Posts Where Someone Is Trying To Become A Regular User So They Can Jag (rolling)

You’ve set the bar very high - that’s one classy selfie.


Sleep status: also critical + hungover
Haircut status: in that pleasant one week period where it’s not too terrible straight out of bed
Vest: gym wear


Very youthful looking too grabs frantically at grey hairs


Also generally digging your look


you recall a young Prince in the autumn and are magnificent, LD







Bought a Metropolis t-shirt at the science museum last weekend :nerd_face:

All purpose spring/summer clothes thread

You look well like the guy out of kayo dot


Special edition #lunchtimeclimb shot


I’m a model now lads


Holy hell! :muscle:



Got a meeting

Fucking freezing on the way here though


Trying desperately for a casual smile :grimacing:


On holiday in Borneo at the moment as you can tell from the foliage so not sure if this will get through.

Sorry for the distracted face, I thought I saw an endangered species. Turns out there were five, nbd


Selfie is it? RTF :wink:


Here you go :kissing_heart: