We selfieing?



no, it’s a panda hat and possibly a matching onesie.

but maybe it should be a stormtrooper, keith. she can be whatever she wants to be.


Pre flight. May take a post flight one tomorrow.


read this as ‘pre fight’ and was PUMPED for a second there


Very beautiful dude x


Hang on, isn’t your surname Zealuk?


Fuckin mug


If only I was this active if before my fights I might actually win one sometime.


Made it to the pub.




Was waiting for that!


Very excited about/for tomorrow…


That Fred Perry v with the shirt underneath is such a strong move.


We got a storm trooper donated to us.

She wants to be a structural engineer according to Wor Lass but there was a point she was merely a minion for The Empire.


I don’t think my sister is going to be pushy about it, but I might leave some books on The Force lying about for this 'un.


Fuck knows how many hours I’ve been awake now. Welcome to :taiwan: everyone.


Late to the thread/party and by fuck it is not a good look on account of spent Friday night in A&E having lost an appreciable chunk of finger. Hooray.


Ouchhh. Hope you’re OK man


I’m fine. It’s annoying more than anything - the fucker would just not stop bleeding (sling is to keep it up and slow the bleeding), so it’s strapped up in bandages and will need cleaning and rebandaging a few times over the next week or two. Mostly I’m pissed off because I can’t easily hold the Switch joypad like this.


Yasss you look good


Everyone looks lovely and yet I’ve woken up with a stinking hangover, spots, bad hair… no selfies for me today.