We snacking?


I’d kill you and everyone you care about for that Empire biscuit.

(no I am not snacking)


Hero level snacking

Someone’s brought back some Czech (i think, didn’t look too closely) cake thing and it looks like a massive communion wafer.

I would take a photo of my snack drawer at work, but it would look a bit suspicious.

There are cereal bars, biscuits and soreen bars of all sorts in there.

already had a double bounty
want something more biscuitty or cakey though, might go sniffing around the other floors to see if anyone’s brought a birthday cake

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todays food has been
1 x banana
1 x clementine
1 x salad

and now I’m going to have
1 x apple.

I had a shortbread with chocolate chunks from Asda and I’ve had some haribo (from Asda too)

Still eating my lunch mate

Had a Turkish Delight, was nice. BYE!

had a shitey eat natural bar.

have a banana and a plum on my desk.

Both “fingers” (logs? Wedges?) of one pack of Bounty, or two full packs?

best thing about working in a massive building is you can always find food somewhere

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both logs

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apple that’s been sat about all day

  • just eat it
  • wash it
  • shine it

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Swear you judged me for making the lunch thread after 130 once

My Portuguese workmate brought in some tasty Portuguese snacks from Sintra


ahahahahhaha, belem

i’ve been there, really nice

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Never judge when it comes to discussing food

I call that a single bounty but whatever floats your coconutty boat