We think it is Wednesday

Hi, I’m just starting the daily thread because I wanted to show you all the interestingly curved banana I had for breakfast (additional interestingly curved banana for scale):

Anything to report, anyone?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Pinch punch


i was this :ok_hand: close to starting a daily thread just there. thank god I F5’d.

is it me or is it freezing? had to put the heating on ffs. got actual work to do today :frowning: gonna play a bit of vidya first tho.

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Technically, no.


Got up for work a day early again but now when I do that I get to go back to bed straight away


It does feel quite chilly.

Sorry for stealing the daily thread from you. I think my banana #content made it worthwhile though.


It is cold

Need to go to the supermarket later so looking forward to having a big old queue

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Morning all, I see London has now got the nice weather we had out west yesterday. Enjoy your state-mandated time out in it, it’s really pleasant. Today’s going to be much the same as yesterday for me I think - let’s do it, team!

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Morning. Not up yet, kids are finding it hard this week and aren’t sleeping, coming in to us in the night etc so it’s hard to get up and going which is then feeding back into late nights and so on.
Going to make them do Joe Wicks multiple times to wear them out maybe …

Morning kids,

Same old same old again.

I had a weird dream where I had a new job which involved a pay cut, and in order to track me down to tell me about the pay cut they’d found a mobile video from a gig I’d uploaded onto YouTube, and also tried to get a message through via my other half’s mum. Normally at this point I’d ask what it all means, but it’s obviously furlough fears (even though it’s not even been mentioned at work)

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This April 1st we all feelin like fools knowm sayin?

I went to Morrison’s at 5pm yesterday and the queue to get in was two people long including me. Shelves were well stocked too.

I can’t cope with an unfamiliar supermarket Rob, it’s sainos Lewes road or nothing


Dreadful (lack of) sleep. Took ages to drift off. When I finally did, I woke in the middle of the night feeling bitterly cold - so popped my head under the covers to warm up. A moment after I did so Mrs W farted.

This morning I am very much conflicted between anger and admiration.


Morning. Park looked frosty this morning. Sinusitis feels like it’s gearing up for round 500. But going to have marmite on crumpets for breakfast, so everything’s ok.

Couple of interesting bananas on their way to work in the city


Quite enjoying not having any work these days, turns out if you can’t spend any money you don’t really need that much?


:warning: I have an Ocado shop coming today :warning: Can’t wait to see how much of it doesn’t turn up. I booked it almost 3 weeks ago!

I am not finding this to be the case for me. I spent £30 on candles yesterday!