“We’ve had enough of experts”

With the government no longer following the science during a public health crisis, I wanted to see if I had misremembered what Michael Gove said about experts.

Is it me or his logic either hard to follow or somewhat deranged in this clarification interview?

They’re not interested in logic. It’s all part of their long-term plan - undermine institutions and flood the public with misinformation to the point that people can’t keep up with or lose interest in what’s true or not.


On the one hand, “economics experts” have a far greater say in our lives than they should given the field’s pseudoscientific nature (for want of a better word). So being wary of them is good.

On the other, government ministers encouraging anti-intellectual, “stands to reason” type arguments is the kind of shitting in the water supply populism which is going to make positive changes to society that much harder in future.