We Wed Weds Wednesday!


Never started a daily thread before.

I’ve had a nice coffee but can hear it windy and wild outside. Can’t be bothered leaving the house.

Aside from that, actually feeling election disappointment today.

Hope everyone is dandy.


Hello and merry Wednesday to all! It’s actually sunny here for the first time in a few days, which is really nice. Having a cup of tea, and about to do some work.

Last night I election-worried myself into a proper state, going to try to avoid doing that today. Maybe I’ll try and get pre-disappointed too.


I’m awake at 7am and i dont know why, think it’s pre-election anxiety. Guess i’ll get up and make coffee. Nowt much going on today tbh.


Tea. Apricot wheats. Put the bins out. Go to work.


Wind must be the worst type of weather. Oh, it’s hard to knock all that cheap green energy, but it’s loud, stressful, hard to walk in and it ruins outdoors live music.

Morning everyone.




WFH to receive delivery of our new kitchen table Then, instead of using the one nice evening this week to climb with a mate who is up from London, we have my mum round for dinner. Will try and be gracious.


YOUR MUM’s coming round for dinner.


Day off!


Oh shit, it’s Melt Banana tonight.


I know. I said so in the post you replied to.


about to post a ‘vote labour’ message on my facebook, this will go well i’m sure.



Day 3 of the driest, most tedious course ever devised today in the world’s least ventilated and stuffiest meeting room. Woo.

After getting home at 8:30 and 9:30 the last two days, will be aiming for a proper finish today. Maybe a pint on the way home for the first time in months.

Tomorrow I am off, the kids’ school which doubles as a polling station is closed for security reasons, but their Mum who works there still has to go in.

Armchair Cricket test match championship really beginning to take shape too.


Morning all. Feeling a tad anxious, my wife’s aunties are down until Sunday to go through my late mother-in-law’s belongings. It’s going to be a tough few days.


Also, unprecedented levels of nose and tooth picking occurring on the train this morning.


For avoidance of doubt, not by me, counted five at it so far.


Still lying in bed.

Will get up and make a cup of tea shortly. Then probably come back to bed.


Going back to That London so I can vote tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing Chihiro, who was poorly but is better now (see the Cat Thread for further info).


It’s my birthday today. I am older.

I have shit hayfever.


hb, ms.