Wearing boots today

My trainers have holes in the bottom and they make my tootsies wet so I need to replace them.

In the meantime I’m wearing “boots” which I have owned for a few years in case of “smart casual” environments.

I’m hating to wear “boots”. They’ve cut my ankles to shreds already. Why do people do this?

Always feel like my feet are massive when I wear boots, makes me feel proper self conscious


I love boots


I used to know someone who had a dog called Duffdale Little Boots.

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Been wearing my DMs recently. Enjoying wearing them, but they have lost their waterproofing a bit and I get wet tootsies myself.

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shoes are a good middle ground between trainers and boots


I believe trainers are shoes and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

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My work shoes have a hole as well, so I’m wearing my Salomon walking shoes.

I’ve heard this.

I wear “shoes” with “suit” (exclusively)

Who was the dog?

I think I agree with this actually

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Blades or studs?

I’m a blades man.


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Like Sean Bean

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Boots are good and if they are hurting your feet then you need to find a pair of boots which aren’t so mean.


I categorically disagree with this

Hate wearing my winter boots. They make a clonking sound when I walk and they look huge. Usually wear my trail-running shoes if it’s raining instead

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