Wearing Hats [Audit]

Wearing hats indoors:

  • Fine, not a bit Ash Ketchum
  • Bit weird

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Acceptable hats to wear in 2018:

  • Baseball
  • Beanie
  • Bobble
  • Those knitted ones Dappy wears
  • Fedora
  • Bowler
  • Pork Pie (London)
  • Flat/Dai Cap
  • Docker
  • Trilby

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Discussion below.

Every hat is bad

I forgot cycling caps but I think we all know they all look absurd

They are the worst hat


Wearing Hats


I have one of those but have not worn it since about 2011

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Only acceptable when boarding a plane.

Have you ever worn a beret?

  • Yes
  • No

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Fuck forgot top hats too, but obviously the only people who wear them are actually in the Bullingdon club, acting in a stage show or think they’re in a steampunk manga so VOID.

What are those dickhead John Lennon hats about? Those are the worst ones.

Acceptable hats imho;
-Keeping head warm in extreme cold
-Shade from sun in extreme heat
-No others

I look like a total prick in all hats but will wear a beanie when the weather’s being a bit brexit.

A helmet is not a hat, that’s like saying a hi-vis is a coat, they’re just safety equipment.

Them Peaky Blinders have definitely made flat caps a thing again, unfortunately.

I think I still own one. I wanted one when we went to France when I was a weird kid. I must have worn it at least once, but probably not to school or anything.

As a bald man hats are important to me. Would you rather gaze upon my gleaming scalp? Would you?

I’m still irked about the appropriation of the fedora by bell ends. I want to feel like I’m in a film noir when I wear one, not suddenly develop terrible opinions about women. I’ll probably be dead by the time the stigma has worn off.


You need to get into the habit of menacingly sliding up alongside these twats and whispering ‘Arthur, get the guns’ into their ear in a Brummie accent.


Of course I would. Think of all the cool bald men in the world: Kojak, Stone Cold, Larry David
No hats
No fuss

100% this. If I’m wearing my helmet then I’m on a bike. If it’s winter I’m wearing my beanie. If it’s summer I’m wearing my sun hat. All three are absolutely stinky and filthy.