"Weasled your way out of" anything lately?

Please use this thread to talk about things you have “weasled your way out of” in the last 10-12 days.

Thank you.

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Would love to see a weasle one day

Was meant to be havin a roast with some mates today but weasled out of it, been lying on my bed listening to podcasts instead

Thought i weasled my way out of a meeting but it turned out i got the date wrong and a cheery email telling me its on the 6th not the 4th. So on the 6th of may i had to attend :pensive:

Thought I weasled last week but it turned out I actually stoated

Everyone in this thread has weaseled their way out of spelling weaseled correctly

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Weasel my way out of weddings and christenings all the time. Tell people I can’t get the time off work, but really I just prefer watching football and ranking biscuits on here.

Would you be sure you hadn’t seen a stoat though?

have only weasled my way in :frowning:

pretty certain