Weather forecasting

It should be better IMO.

Some of you who have been following my recent bagless policy might possibly have been predicting a point where the weather tripped me up. This point came last night where I was having to hold an umbrella in one hand and my kindle AND a pot of cotton buds in the other and to top it off my gf rang me at that exact moment as well leading to an awful lot of nonsense.

I vowed to ensure I’d check the forecast in the morning and ensure I bring a bag if any rain is due.

Fast forward to today and this morning’s forecast on my BBC Weather App said no rain, now look:

Didn’t even bring the umbrella let alone a bag, I’m fucked and it’s all technology’s fault.

You’ve only got yourself to blame you bag-less madman. Where do you think we are, Ibiza?!

I’m mates with a weather lawyer - would you like me to put you two in touch?

I don’t only have myself to blame Jeremy, that’s what this thread is about. Blaming the poor general state of forecasting in this country.

I’d very much like you to tell me what the hell a weather lawyer is

mate - don’t use BBC weather. It’s bollocks.

Use Metoffice - far more reliable (obv not foolproof though)

They should just stop doing any forecasting any further than about 20 minutes into the future. Beyond that there are so many variables that it’s completely impossible.

I have not studied meteorology, but I believe my views on this to be accurate.

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50% chance of rain. Might do, might not.

This is a good tip, thank you. (Although why the fuck isn’t it foolproof? It’s 2017 ffs)

This gif seems quite apt right now:


The sheer panic.

I’ll watch this for the rest of the day.

Styling it out into the most terrifed chin scratch.

A lawyer for the weather - dunno what else you need here

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Wait a minute, those yellow and red bits must mean hot and sunny right?

Maybe I panicked too soon!

Oh Ant…

I was checking and bbc, then taking the most pessimistic forecast but now I just stick with I think though I might go to the met office because feels a bit internet in the year 2000 to me.


We live in Brexitland, mate. It could rain at any time. Surely you know that by now???


Leave it niki, it’s Antpocalypsenow Town.

I am not going to sit and take this criticism for being the kind of wide-eyed optimist that this country needs more of