Web 4

I missed out a bit on all the web3 stuff, so let’s get ahead of the curve this time.

Conor knows what the fuck I’m talking about

Too long Conor, tldr it for me

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  • Web 4: The Revenge

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Facebook but more Minion memes and on a blockchain.

I didn’t read it.

We’re ahead of the curve then

Web 4 is all about a weird sort of retcon where the web was basically a voodoo curse the whole time made manifest in order to exact revenge on the Brody family


have a feeling it’s going to involve the return of teletext.

Can feel it in my bones

Which one was the one with RuneScape and Habbo Hotel and Newgrounds? Quite a good web that one


I do not know with what weapons Web 3 will be fought, but Web 4 will be fought with sticks and stones

  • Albert Einstein

Web 4 will host pornography that caters towards people whose want to indulge their fetishes at a subatomic or even quantum level. Masturbating feverishly as you zoom further and further into the individual electrons that make up a human foot

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The new frontier of cultural experience will be when Web 4 AI platforms can build up a taste profile and automatically post your opinions on the latest television drama show, rock and roll album, or computerised video game. You will be able to use the time you would have wasted actually experiencing these things to develop your career in one of the exciting job fields opened up by Web 4.

These include quantum fluffer, vibes and safety inspector, shitpost auditor, and one of Jeremy Renner’s many digital decoys to keep assassins away from his app

You will be able to beam your feelings directly into Jeremy Renner’s brain in a jar

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bring back gopher://

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That decision would be WAIS

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O Romeo, Romeo, Web4 art thou Romeo?