Web design penoids: I've got a site that needs building



Morning all,

Work style question for this Friday. My work, one of national academies, needs a new site for one of its major initiatives. I’ve got a tender/spec all drawn up - it’s for a medium-sized site, needs to have a forum and integrate with CRM, tags for content, decent CMS.


  • Got any recommendations for agencies who can design and build such a thing?
  • How does tendering actually work, other than calling a bunch of people and asking, ‘can you do this?’. Never done this before obv.
  • Nobody from my office here, right? It’ll undercut my professional image if folks see me asking for help on a music site.

Useful help will result in a LITERAL PINT. :beer:


I’d love to help, but I really need to crack on with the ol’ dubstep album.


You’ve come to the right place for advice on cost-efficient, functional web design.


There seemed to be a few backseat web designers on the old boards - where are they when you need them, eh?


where are you based? it doesn’t sound mad complicated so loads of people could do that - can’t recommend anyone tho, but if you have somewhere nearish to you it might make it a bit easier to have face to face meetings which might speed the process up a little bit, less likely for things to get lost in communication.

so yeah do a bit of research and then get in touch with some agencies - if you can find someone who has done a very similar project before then that will help with them being able to give you a realistic time line and they will have a better idea of potential issues with the project.

do you have brand style guidelines and whatever set up already or are they going to do that as well?

if you have a fair budget you can ask agencies to pitch for the work, which you don’t have to pay for, and you can specify ask what you would like to see in the pitch work if you like - the agency i work at always goes totally over the top for pitches, but if they can give you a rough timescale plan and some rough designs that you like they thats pretty good i think




Central London - the problem is more that there are so many agencies that it’s hard to narrow down! We’ve got branding already, but design needs redoing to fit the initiative better.

I used to work at an agency and am actually quite looking forward to being the client at some point. Although it is odd being on this end.


Being a client when you used to be a service provider is AMAZING.


that does sound good actually - you can call out all their bullshit super easy


He’ll be dancing in the moonlight in no time.


I’ll do it for £50