Website Analytics question for NERDS!!!!1111

So, I have a new website that is just pretty rubbish but a bit of a sandbox to build some stuff in wordpress/elementor and maybe practice some SEO, drive some traffic through keywords etc WHATEVER OK!!

It is hosted by IONOS, which is German based/has its servers based in Germany I presume.

In google analytics setup for that web property and looking at traffic. LOADS of that traffic is just (not set) traffic from Germany.

I’m thinking this is some form of bot activity and they have a pretty high bounce rate, BUT I thought google analytics was supposed to filter this out from stats automatically and you didn’t have to configure it for that?

Or is it something else around the servers being based in Germany?

Hopefully this topic results in 1000s of pageviews and adsense money for Sean!!!

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Er yeah, sure… Ok boomer

you’re a data guy, what’s with my data!

topic has 13 views already, that’s probably $0.001 straight into the pocket of #BigSean

Where bounce u livin hon?

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where bounce u hosting your servers, hon?

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(not set) is always going to show, and in my experience is always the largest chunk of traffic, unfortunately. It’s not bots but legitimate hits, although there are loads of reasons why: What the value (not set) means - Analytics Help

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Just accept that, like The Hoff, you’re big in Germany.

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68% (not set) Germans reading articles in English! A recipe for success!