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I would like a dating style website for non-sexual activities. Like if I want to go watch a film or gig or play tennis or watch the football or something and none of my friends fancy it but I want some company and to go for a beer before/after.

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Got an idea for an app/website called ‘Guess Whoof’ which is basically Shazam for dogs.

Almost a millionaire



Do you have a Ruff idea of how much capital you’d need to raise?


I haven’t done the research yet, I’m thinking I should start it as a Twitter account only and see if there’s any demand for it.


Go for it, wouldn’t be my bag but loads of people bloody love dogs


I appreciate everyone’s positive votes in the poll, but would like more feedback on how to get this off the ground. @elthamsmateowen you’ll help right?


I’d be well into this. Even if it was just a photo recognition thing. So many dogs in pubs where I’m wondering “I wonder what breed that is” but don’t want to initiate a conversation about it cos then you have to be all like “yeah isn’t it cute, etc etc” when all I wanna know is the answer.

Also: birds.

Y’know I used to have these three awesome books - birds, trees, flowers - where you went through loads of questions like a choose your own adventure thing, and it eventually worked out what you saw. Lost them in a house move years ago. Keep searching the attic just in case.


You are my target market here in that case.

The idea would be that you’d slyly take a pic of the dog, send it to the team at Guess Whoof who identify the dog and let you know it’s breed and any relevant info. Revenue will come from Pets At Home sponsorship.


Genius. “Do you like this breed of dog… there’s one ready to adopt at Pets At Home Basildon (8.1 miles away). Call now to make an appointment”


Just set up the twitter account


there is an existing app for finding people playing sport in your area.


just play?


what about other social functions Smee!?


Can someone who can do photoshop whack some fun looking question marks over the dogs faces in the following photos please?


I think there’s an app for recognising dog breeds. We used it to identify my sister-in-law’s dog.



You have to go and ruin everything don’t you