Website building/wordpress type sites - what's good?

i wanna buy something really basic that i can set up and just update as and when. are any of those sites (squarespace, etc) any good or are they a rip-off? should i just buy everything separately and pay for server space, etc.

what says you?

i depends on various factors like size and scalability etc, doesn’t it?

I’ve no idea about squarespace but I think these days that there really is absolutely no single set up one that everybody will agree on. I hate drupal but some people love it, we’ve just got drupal 8 in in work, perhaps it’ll be better than the previous incarnations. If it’d been a vote, I’d have said wordpress, not because it’s necessarily amazing but it would’ve made more sense here.

The template places like squarespace etc are fine if you just want to stick to their template- they have some decent layouts.

Wordpress is way more flexible but can also be a pain in the arse (as can some of the cheap hosting places).

Also what’s the purpose of the site, what kind of stuff do you want to put on it?

what _Em said

i spent about an hour on it a while back just using the free trial to give it a whack, seems crazy easy to use but i presume you’ll get charged over the odds to use their storage, etc.

mainly an online portfolio, just will need to have my showreel(s) and a few basic pages, a blog, etc

Try Cargo Collective then- they’re set up for that and very popular with artists/filmakers etc.

I wouldn’t bother with setting up Wordpress for that- a lot of the free templates for portfolios are a bit crap, so you’d end up having to either spend £30-60 on a paid template, or learn how to change everything yourself, which seems a lot of work for a portfolio.

any chance i could keep you on a retainer to run my life for me?

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Wordpress is fine for a blog but a pain for pretty much anything more than that, Drupal is apparently fine for developers, but terrible for users in every way.

Squarespace seems best of the bunch for your needs, especially since you can mess about for free on it. There’s hosting and whatnot built in too.

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Big fan of Squarespace. Easy to add completely new sections (e.g. if you want to set up a shop based on what’s already on the site, it’s a few clicks to get it going), easy to change the template entirely, and simple to get something that looks good. Plenty of discount codes kicking around too, so you can take at least 10% off the price.

Yes, said as someone who has a woocommerce/wordpress online store. It’s a total pain in the arse and not user friendly in any way, but you can make it look how you want if you learn how to.

what kinda dosh you paying for it (if you don’t mind my asking)?

I’ll tell my family that next time they claim that art college was a waste of time.


Just under a tenner a month at the moment.


'kin 'ell, sold!

Try the code ‘Daring’ when you sign up and it should give you a rolling 10% discount on your account for life.

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i love this place sometimes

My job is developing and I hate it (and I also hate drupal but that’s another story!)

Which one do you hate, fops? Let’s bitch about content management systems while we’re here.

I use a CMS as a content/editorial admin, not as a dev, but I found Drupal to be worse than anything except Google Sites. Unusable tosh, no idea why companies pay money for it.

drupal, i was exploiting the ambiguity in the word “it” my previous post for comic hilarity (i.e. I hate my job). We once loaded up a webpage in a drupal site while there was a trace on the database, 1300 times it hit the database, for one page?!?!?!?

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