Websites that are really badly designed/bad to use relative to popularity

Both Amazon and eBay are horrible, why haven’t they addressed this yet


If you could use them quickly you wouldn’t see so many ads.

The Amazon Prime video interface feels like a study in bad design, it’s truly remarkable how shit it is.

Also probably goes without saying but the Independent.


Amazon is good imo



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Depends what you’re trying to buy I suppose, but it can be difficult to tell if the same item is listed slightly differently for cheaper elsewhere on the same site. Don’t like having to shop around in the same shop for the best price.

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it’s absolutely shit when you’re searching for music but i guess they don’t want to fix that because they want you to use Amazon Music

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All bollox.

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Ebay is the one that came to mind, it feels like it has barely changed since the early 2000s and it was shit then

Netflix is dire

NowTV. Everything about it, absolute shittest of the shit.


reddit is perfect imo.

old reddit that is.

It’s crazy how Netflix is great but every other steaming site is complete rubbish


hate how many cues its taken from shitty web design, then in turn influenced and responsible for a mountain of shitty user experience everywhere on the internet now.

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Netflix has a fantastic site IMO. They know what they are doing

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Only streaming site to get fast forward and rewind right


Facebook has been terrible for years. Not just badly designed but slow too. And it’s worse if you’re a page admin/business page owner.

facebook is the one that i’m sure is trying to self sabotage to try and move people onto instagram and split their demographics to make marketing easier and more direct.

its so fucking god damn awful and bloated and has been for nearly a decade.


i don’t really understand it. looks like an even worse version of old dis

Yes I always assume there must be a reason. It somehow just looks always grimy and cheap

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