Websites you have loved and lost

Weezer dot com forward slash bboard

Agreed. Some funny lads on there at times. The new place is horrid

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all of those music blogs that posted tons of shit frequently with download links… impossible to even concieve of now…


I end up trying to hunt these down when I buy a record that doesn’t have a download code in it

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Wondered what you had posted in here

Never used it. I’m IP banned from Redcafe now.

Deadspin and Splinter, both gone in the last month. Takes the number of websites I visit regularly down to a healthy 4.


Fred Tissue is decent

punk planet dot com

The first music forum I ever got involved with, affiliated with the excellent and also deceased magazine of the same name. Hard left politics, lots of brilliant DIY music, plenty of silliness and a long running discussion on which brands of cough medicine were best for getting you high (turns out they’re all a bit rubbish). was OK. Wasn’t it?

Just checked. Someone else has it now.

It was like quietus but less super-earnest and self-serious.

Oink and What


Stylus Magazine </3


From memory, didn’t you attribute an Alex Ferguson quote to Marilyn Monroe? Or maybe the other way around :smiley:

It was until everyone went alt right.

I set up a Geocities account with Ben and Squeak from the old NME boards. This was back in 1999 I think. Feel like Stuart Maconie just typing this.


Kerrang Forum although on reflection reckon it’d be full of alt right edgelords now (and probably always was).


It’s only now I realised the link between some of the ‘edgy’ posters on the Weezer message board and the types you’d find on 4chan.