Wed day




Sorry to people i called last night @Ruffers

No idea how i am going to do today still drunk etc


Just drooled on myself on the train. Hopefully everyone in the office is feeling too ill to notice.


Please someone say something


Good luck for today


hi pet

I’m going to message you my number so you can drunk call me :smiley:



off to do some environmental volunteering. finally doing this, which feels nice. kept not doing it because early mornings, anxiety and/or depression



in a new low (or is it high?) of work related cba-ness, I conceded defeat and decided to get the train 3 trains after the one I’m meant to get to work. and I missed that because I cba. so currently running 37 minutes late, but whatever.

eight days of work til Christmas :spiral_calendar::christmas_tree:


Morning! Hungover is it?

I have a feeling of dread like there’s something I need to do today but I haven’t put anything in my diary. Hmmm


Hump day


It seemed too personal to intrude on.

But now someone else responded…

Morning all. My cold seems to be on the mend and last night i organised a date for Saturday.

On my way into work to see if anyone has decided they want to make really late changes to a piece of work I’ve done with a deadline of this afternoon.


Anytime I have a blank day in my diary I get that “Oh crap, what did I forget to put in here” feeling.


Yeah like omg.

Someone impersonated a member of the house of lords at a function last night and twirled me around and was super creepy. Think i told my manager as if he was meant to do something. Mortified.


there’s a porn mag on the roof of the bus shelter my bus just stopped at, which seems adorably retro.

really, really dreading today.


I have a very sore throat and a headache

Had a minor tiff with my bf this morning as he said I should be ironing his shirt ready for IF he stays at mine and needs a shirt.
Its put me in a right bad mood especially as he just stropped off on his bike instead of sorting it out :woman_shrugging:


At home with my injured son. Some kid with anger issues slammed him to the ground yesterday lunchtime and broke his collar bone. Spent yesterday afternoon at A&E. He slept OK (morphine - good stuff) but is in a bit of pain. :frowning_face:


fuck’s sake :frowning: get well soon, nv jr!


Dragged myself into work didn’t I.

I say dragged. Feel way better than yesterday. Lemsip and coffee. Christmas meal with work folk this evening. One of our members bought us 8 (yes, eight) tubs of chocolates (2 x Roses, 2 x Quality Street, 2 x Celebrations and 2 x Miniature Heroes) so today will also be full of chocolate.

Hope you feel better soon @DarwinBabe


Ouch!! Poor boy!
I hope he’s on the mend soon


Urgh, broken collarbone is meant to be really painful! Best wishes to little NoahVale. I’m sure he’ll heal quick!