Wed Eve II (Wed Eve thread title already taken)

Hi Wednesday eveningers.

Cooking butternut squash biryani, drinking some beer and watching some rugby highlights. MasterChef later.

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I think 'er indoors might have misclicked on Ocado because she’s ordered 144 Weetaboxen.


I don’t even eat them. That’s three and a half months’ worth.

:notes: What day is today?
:notes: It’s Wiley’s birthday!
:notes: what a day for a birthday!
:notes: let’s all have some cake!

:notes: and you smell like one too!


Literally in a serving dish :man_shrugging:


Happy birthday! :birthday::balloon::tada::cake::partying_face:

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Happy birthday @wileycat hope you’ve had a lovely day and hope you have a lovely night. :+1::grinning:

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That looks great. Can you put the other two sticks in for dessert?

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On my way to pick up R a woman had a really nasty passive aggressive dig at me for queue jumping, which I absolutely didn’t do, and I got really worked up. Been in shreds mentally since then.

Do I want to do what???

Look at this very erect mushroom I spotted in Moss Side


Happy cakes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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working late again. tortilla have left me a burrito thawing in the sink.

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Cutting out leftover fabric from the cushions I made for this:

Using the fabric to make a cat doll a bit like this (but not a fox, and shit, obviously)


My brother is in Majorca just now too.
He’s going to the Majorca Vs Athletico Madrid match tonight

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Sweeeet. :+1:
Where’s he staying?

I’ll find out.

Cooking the karaage chicken and seaweed coz turns out I’m not hungreh

Have you ever been over there in March? If so is it warm enough/enough stuff open?