Wed Eve II (Wed Eve thread title already taken)

I don’t even eat them. That’s three and a half months’ worth.

:notes: What day is today?
:notes: It’s Wiley’s birthday!
:notes: what a day for a birthday!
:notes: let’s all have some cake!

:notes: and you smell like one too!


Happy birthday! :birthday::balloon::tada::cake::partying_face:

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Happy birthday @wileycat hope you’ve had a lovely day and hope you have a lovely night. :+1::grinning:

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That looks great. Can you put the other two sticks in for dessert?

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On my way to pick up R a woman had a really nasty passive aggressive dig at me for queue jumping, which I absolutely didn’t do, and I got really worked up. Been in shreds mentally since then.

Do I want to do what???

Look at this very erect mushroom I spotted in Moss Side


Happy cakes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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working late again. tortilla have left me a burrito thawing in the sink.

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Cutting out leftover fabric from the cushions I made for this:

Using the fabric to make a cat doll a bit like this (but not a fox, and shit, obviously)


My brother is in Majorca just now too.
He’s going to the Majorca Vs Athletico Madrid match tonight

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Sweeeet. :+1:
Where’s he staying?

I’ll find out.

Cooking the karaage chicken and seaweed coz turns out I’m not hungreh

Have you ever been over there in March? If so is it warm enough/enough stuff open?

Think the cycle wankers go there near March time?
@japes can you confirm

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I haven’t actually. Have been over very early April though which is great as there are loads of things happening for Easter. Some amazing parades through the streets of alcudia and such.

Hmm it’s my dad’s 70th in March and I was planning to take home to see Real Madrid but casinobay’s post made me check the Mallorca fixtures and they’re playing Barcelona in mid March which got me thinking… but there’s no point if it’s cold.