Wed eve thr

So hungry i just had to have an emergency quesadilla. Wbu?


woah there’s so many foods I’ve never heard of!

upon googling though, quesadilla sounds amazing


I’ve got a fuck tonne of work to get through tonight.

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Trying to sort out a universal credit application. Fucking hell that’s a massive pita. Cannot be bothered. Needs my banking deets, driver’s license, passport, won’t support debit cards from certain banks. fuck me. Having jackets and chilli for dinner and early to bed

No, quesadilla mate.


“999 what’s your emergency?”

got salmon and broccoli for dinner

have spelled broccoli wrong so many times the predictive text on my phone now offers me three (incorrect) spellings to choose from rather than the actual word


Me too :facepunch:

Hello :wave: I am having prawn curry for dinner. I’d much rather have a MASSIVE burrito covered in cheese and filled with haggis and sour cream and salsa and FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCK.


Shut it

making myself a pre-dinner and snack and found…two yolks in one egg

  • what a delicious bonus!
  • what the fuck, destroy it and never eat an egg again
  • why aren’t you a vegan, only got yourself and the egg industry to blame

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I’m now off work for two weeks, yey! :dancer: I am celebrating by being in my pyjamas already.


I am still working, and will continue to do so for longer than I care for.

Nice! Are you going away on holiday?

Would eat.

(notwithstanding largely vegan diet)

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Sort of! My son is moving to the Netherlands at the end of the month so will have a few days out there. This week I am going to draft a PhD proposal and go on some day trips with my son for some mum and son time as the TV only has next week off, not this week.


Chicken salad, couple tyskies and the Madrid game for me!

take a boulder selfie!

That sounds like a lovely use of time off. Enjoy!

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