Wed Eve


Alright? Chicken Kievs for dinner tonight. I am beyond excited about it.

What about you?

In other news, I purchased the first series of Pinky and the Brain :blush: Yaaaay.


hi witches

i had tomato soup and two bread rolls with butter. now i am eating a chocolate snowman. my diet is so shit.

half watching black mirror until the tv gets home later.


Working on a website, going to the gym, eating some food.

Jealous of Pinky & The Brain.


I’m having shakshuka and I’m also very excited!!! I suggest we have it for dinner pretty much every night but I’m always shot down :cry: BUT TONIGHT IT’S EGG TIME.


Evening. I’ve come to Penge to meet my mum but she’s just told me she’s in St John’s Wood! Now sitting in a pretty trendy pub for Penge drinking vodka.


I’ve got a pure notion for chicken kievs now.
I’m getting treated to some drinks and dinner tonight by a couple of suppliers, so heading down to the merchant city in an hour or so.


My girlfriend is at work tonight so I’ve reverted to being 11 years old. Only now I’m allowed beer.


Aubergine Parmigiana and some side meatballs happening in a bit. Hype.

Gonna crack open a bottle of red NOW


85%er coming up, lads

Had my first tinder date last night after signing up at the weekend and after two drinks she virtually dragged me back to hers

I sent her a message this morning saying it was great and I’d be up for hanging out this weekend (that she’d pretty much arranged on the walk in) but no response.

That’s means I’ll sit listening to R.E.M all night and painting and literally no idea what I’m going to eat as by 8:30pm after a late night and early start I am pooped.


Same thing I do every night witcho, try to take over the wo… watch a film and drink some wine.


Did you see there’s new Animaniacs coming out soon @Witches?


You sly dawg


Excellent work.


One the way home from work. Need to get something for tea, do quite fancy a kiev actually…


What kind of lunatic shoots shakshuka diwn


Heading out for a free(ish) curry in a moment, I am beyond excited. I’m going to have all the paneer.


Having bangers and mash! Can’t wait. Cracking open a few cold ones, maybe a couple of glasses of red and a g&t later. Not in until 1 tomorrow so fuck it.

Trying to decide if finding another job so close to the birth of our child is a good idea or not. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so much despair or as upset as I currently am in my working life earlier. Pretty much walked out of work in tears.


fuck man, that’s rubbish. sounds like you need to look for something else. don’t be stuck somewhere you hate, everything else will work out eventually.


I know things are really tough at your job and you’re having to sort a lot of stuff out, but is it something that will get better once you’ve weeded out the bad eggs?


Listening to a very long interview with Susan Rogers, Prince’s engineer. Very much enjoying it, she’s a very knowledgeable person.

Will be watching the utter shit that is Chelsea vs. Norwich later. Am supposed to be going to a gig but I couldn’t be fucked.