Wed Eve

Thought it would be over by now tbh, but I’m still dealing with my predecessor’s incredibly shoddy way of managing her staff. They are basically unmanageable as they’ve been pandered to for 5yrs and I’m having to fix things constantly. I’ve not actually done any of my management work since I’ve been there (end of October) because of how much shit I’m having to cope with.

It’s shit, and yes it will get better, but I’m reckoning not anytime soon.

Problem being I have no degree or a levels and have only ever worked in retail. My qualifications and experience is slightly lacking here. Fuck knows what to do.

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My “”""“boyfriend”"""". He says it should be for breakfast, not dinner.

Well in that case I don’t think it would be a bad idea to at least start looking for something else. Just don’t let it get to the point that you walk out without something else to go to. Feel free to vent on here, hope things improve soon.

I have never noticed this. Is my nose broken?

Luckily I’m pretty pragmatic and a) won’t walk out of a job without having something lined up and b) realise that I probably am decent at my job, but am finding some massive sticking points that will eventually be ironed out through people being managed or leaving because they’re being managed.

No! I didn’t know this! Oooo.

If you start looking, you’re doing it from a position of strength (you’ve got a job) rather than needing to get money on the table three weeks ago. There’s always a reason or five why now isn’t a good time to be looking for a new job, so that’s understandable. If I only said one thing - and you know this already - it’s don’t say anything prejudicial on here, just in case it gets nasty at work.
Just on a practical level, some places don’t offer paternity leave unless you’ve been there for 12 months. I know mine doesn’t.


how are you cooking it?? (correct answer is roasting it in olive oil with a bit of salt)

You ever riced it? Holy hell it honks.

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You heard.

Bit like courgetti we had so much broccoli rice last year for health kicks. Horrible stuff. Went back to roasting it very quickly.

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Is there anyway you can be transferred to another store? Weren’t you headhunted from another store, so the big bosses must now how good at your job you are, and wouldn’t want to lose you.

You seem a really nice guy, so I hope it works out.

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Ooooh, I’ve only heard about people doing this with cauliflower! How do you rice it?

Hello all. Hope your evening gets better, Rich.
Off to see Wrangler tonight. It’s a 2.5mile walk to the venue but might give it a go on my arthritic ankle to see whether one of @colon_closed_bracket’s walks is doable.

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Cauliflower works ok for this. Broccers, in spite of being the best vegetable, is an insane choice.

Chilli con carne for dinner :yum: In your face the cold.

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I was in pretty much this exact position as a line manager a few years back, and it nearly ruined me. Not sure what the best solution is, given the child on the way, but I don’t blame you for having a look around.

One of my walks??

Just checking in with another my-life-is-meaningless thing

Was it you suggested some routes (Epping Forest, etc) as a non-alcoholic activity?