Wed eve

What you doing?

Having early tea and have made the worst mash I’ve ever made. Fucking ruined a lovely lovely casserole


Going to see Dawnwalker tonight. Might just pull faces at @ericVII for the entire set.


Evening all!

Big bowl of tortellini and garlic bread for tea. I am carb loaded before football.

@rich-t - I’m sorry to hear about your mash. I hope it wasn’t as bad as you think.

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Ask him to play some ABBA, he’ll love that

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They were really starchy potatoes, and even though they were boiling for 40 mins, they weren’t fully cooked, so it was lumpy. I normally make decent mash, so really disappointed

Made decent roasties


Having a little baby dinner of fish cakes with spaghetti hoops. Strong choice. Got some shocko bons for pudding (when M is in bed, I’m not sharing)

Watching Descendants, awful awful, some fellow parents at school actually told me how good it was and that I’d like it. Fools! Give me Zombies 2 any day (any parents know if there are any of these types of films, all singing and dancing and shit, but without it all being romantic storylines?!)

Not exercised for like 2 months, and I can’t stop eating. Good to see the essential winter blubber acquisition is going swimmingly.


Had to throw out the frozen carrots as they stunk. You wouldn’t expect that from frozen carrots.

Was supposed to be sos and mash for tea but wife has decided it will be an as yet unspecified takeaway instead :man_shrugging:

Going to continue the theme of the day and sit around doing fuck all until bedtime.

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Alright? Had my annual appraisal which went very well, and quite a busy day all round. Having a use-up-what-needs-eating dinner of chicken, mozzarella and sriracha melt baguettes and garlic & rosemary potato wedges which smells really nice at least. Gonna drink a beer and watch TV, just for a change.


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Find the idea of a tornado in Widnes so bizarre, don’t know why I think weather events need to happen in major cities though

Yep, this didn’t happen. So tomorrow is gonna be stressy instead of celebratory. wah.

Plus, I just realised I had a gym appointment at 6.30 and this is about the 5th time I’ve rearranged. GOD SOMEONE TAKE CONTROL OF MY LIFE PLS

My afternoon, by SunnyB:

  1. I’m looking forward to getting rid of my utterly fucked oven that leaks heat into the house and getting my gas hobs replaced with a swanky induction thing

  2. Hmm… despite booking it and paying for it two weeks ago, Curry’s have not sent an engineer who can safely remove the gas hobs. How vexing.

  3. It would appear, on testing by the installation fellow that my ring main is not properly earthed. Fiddle-de-dee.

  4. Sorrow and KFC

How was your day?

lot of potatoes happening tonight

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We’re making a rosti-topped fish pie in a while. #PotatoEvening

It’s national potato week.

Took Freddie for a run on the beach with my dad and his wife. Also saw a cool Victorian post box.

Chicken kiev, roasted new potatoes (with garlic and thyme) and corn on the cob for dinner.


Not much potato news. The kids had croquets for the first time last night though. Thumbs up from the eldest but down from little G. Oh well 50% is ok I guess!