Wed Eve

Plans? Food? Mood?


Made curries which I documented in the daily thread.

Also made naan for the first time. Super easy, super tasty. Burnt the garlic butter though didn’t I .

Finish washing up, put the kids to bed, sit down and have a beer.


Go to shop to get some bourbon, read some more of my horror book, finish this Go Team album, watch some Taskmaster then either a film or more White Lotus

Fish cakes broccoli and potatoes, unknown dessert

Sick and grumpy

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Still working but going to finish soon, get a bottle of wine, make lentil bolognese and watch Andor.

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Yes pal, this all looks great :yum:

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Sitting down, Hell’s Kitchen, may do some more Christmas shopping

Made chicken fajitas for tea with homemade wedges. Might have some Dairy Milk for pudding.

Bit down tbh

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Plans: watch TV, etc. Wish I had some beers seeing as I’m no longer at work tomorrow but whatever.

Dinner: carbonara in progress

Mood: Bit annoyed at potentially being off work for another couple of weeks. Yes, I do mean that.

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Sausages and potatoes kind of dinner

Wet dog walk

Mood alright I guess.

Tonight, a mint malteaser thing and Bad Sisters. Very good btw.

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Looks ace. What’s your naan recipe?

Oven pizza night. I’m shagged out.


Evening all. Going for a sort-of bring-and-share dinner at our friends’ house - making a Green Roasting Tin ™ ratatouille (though tbf, Mrs CCB has done most of the work).

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Big night


Make dinner while listening to some tunes and drinking some :wine_glass:, then watch some tv even though I’m so bored of everything at the moment

Roasted cauliflower, chorizo, onions, garlic with lots of paprika and piles of hummous

All over the place tbh, baby is having digestive problems that have become really painful for him and he’s has an awful couple of days and nights so I’m a bit worried about that, and also stressed about money towards the end of the year… but the seasonal sadness has lifted for the day and I’m quite enjoying my work at the mo so… mixed.

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Could eat that again

Top tier dinner


Similar energy, could absolutely have gone for some of those flapjack bites though

(Cold drugs previously purchased)


Evening all!

Long but productive day at work. I’m quite worn out but going Divide and Dissolve in about half an hour. Still haven’t worked out if I’m driving or bussing though.

We had a chicken and chorizo thing with brown rice and veg. There wasn’t enough chorizo but it was really spicy so actually balanced out well. My beer advent calendar arrived.

@rich-t That curry and naan both look very tasty.

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was considering carbonara but think i’m opting for cacio e pepe

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although this looks damn good :slight_smile:

Chill, exercise, dinner, chill
Jacky ps with cheese and salad
Alright. Had quite a productive day on a satisfying piece of work. Rain is lashing the windows so feel cosy

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