Wed evening 7/7/21

Have i missed the evening thread? If not, here it is


Hi froglet, hi gang :wave:

Went for a walk and stopped off for some lobster and chips. Bumped into @Unlucky too who was walking a dog. What a treat :blush:

Managed to get a few freckles today too!! This has not occurred for a very long long time.

Now I’m having a cheeky wee mojito!


Yaaasss. How decadent :grinning::+1:


Haven’t been to the pub since February 2020. It’s a lovely evening, and a Wednesday night should be nice and quiet to ease myself back into things.

See you later!


Got a real notion to get right on it. But I won’t, couple of beers and watch the football.


On my way home from work! I’m dead today :skull: have to get up early for the cleaner tomorrow woe is me

I passed my pastry exam. All done now! Gonna order takeaway and probably grab a celebratory beer.


LOVE everything about this post!

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I’m only just finishing working :sob: After next week I am only working four (4) days between then and September so really shouldn’t moan.

I am going to make fajitas for dinner. No other plans (should be DIYing).

Also, congratulations @sarahispi

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Not gonna grab a beer, my feet hurt too much

It’s my non working day tomorrow so that means I can work on my new tour for Friday.

Oh ho! Not so! My boss has said can I go to a conference thing even though I don’t have wrap around care on Thursdays so will probably get loads of eye rolls at arriving a bit late and having to leave two hours early EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE ALL GETTING PAID TO BE THERE AND I’M NOT. Anyway, two hours ago I was told i need to do a presentation on place making as part of it. Lol.

So that’s what I’m doing tonight. And who knows when I’ll be able to write my tour, I guess it’ll be an all nighter tomorrow.

But just keep thinking how it’s 23 days until my weekend away though :partying_face:

Can you not say no to it? Seems like they’re massively taking the piss.


I’m off for a beer or two with @grievoustim in a bit, in a football free pub


If you’re being asked to go, ask to be paid for the hours

If they aren’t paying you they shouldn’t be asking you to do anything

It’s all been created around me doing this presentation…which no one asked me about when they planned it or when I first said no or almost at all. The thing is though I’ve not booked anytime off from work when I’ve been doing these festival tours so I do owe them some hours back and planned to do that in my Thursdays but from home as my free time is so limited because of school. Whole different ball game going into town wasting 2 hours commuting. If I don’t go I’ll be landing my presentation partner in it a bit ans she’s like one of the big cheeses so not really an option

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I owe them some hours so it’s fine it’s just more that they think I can magically vanish away my caring responsibilities to be there the whole day and I hate the assumption that the evening is a time to work on something you’ve been given late in the day.

Evening Froglet, all :wave:

Not long got home from getting my hair done, had a mask on while my roots were being done and its so so soft and shiny now. Popped some sausages in the oven for tea and fed dogs.

Oh that really sucks! It’s hugely inconsiderate to expect you to do it at such short notice and when they know you have M. Sending you loads of hugs and good vibes! :hugs:


Just heard some people yelling so i guess somebody nearly scored?

I’m not watching but am checking the score occasionally