Wed Evening Thread (yeah I know its early but fuck you eric)

what’s for tea? think i’ve got some ‘calorie controlled’ ready meal in the freezer, so that’ll be fun.

Requested some reading be sent to me before I start new job. Its been sat in my inbox for 9 days and I’ve skim read it:

  • leave it at that. you’re not getting paid yet
  • make some notes, do some work

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Sounds like they called your bluff m9


I guess its kind of helpful, but I feel like maybe they’re expecting me to come in with piles of stuff that I’ve come up with.

On a train. Can complain.


but yeah. point taken. not doing that again. always do that at the start of a job because they never actually send anything, but you get points for looking eager.

Train is stupid and I’m feeling v tired

Like barely enough carriages for a rush hour train bruh

I was early for football and have been cold in the car park for half an hour.

In the car on the way back home. Cannot wait for Mission Burrito and Ben’s Cookies for tea.

have you eaten the mission burrito already?

if not why not

Think I’ll stock up on some noodles.


No it’s in a bag on the back seat along wirh the cookies. I’m showing self-restraint worthy of some kind of prize.


Part of the train woe gang - trains at Cambridge are all messed up

regretting not eating more of my favourite tortilla in the world when I was in Spain.

eat the burrito now as a reward

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I wish I could. The burritos and cookies are to share and enjoy with my wife, who was unable to come with us. She might not miss a few bites though…

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good times.

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My legs hurt.

Also hi :wave:

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same :frowning:

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My connection is delayed.

Peterborough station is lovely at this time of year.