Wed. Evening Thread

How we doing folks? I’m going beer shopping soon as off for the next 4 days as it is America’s independence day tomorrow. Thursday and Friday off.

What are you lovely lot up to this evening? What’s for dinner?

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In-laws round for tea. Just want to go to bed :expressionless:

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Evening NY and etc.

Watching another VERY horny episode of TNG. Had a gnocchi, pepper and ricotta thing from green roasting tin for dinner.


On the plus we’re getting takeaway


Pub quiz tonight. Apparently my team did well without me last month when they drafted in a couple of other people. Hmph. I’ll have to prove my worth on the team later I guess.

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Happy Independence Day Eve to you NY and to all the American brethren. Let’s not forget Will Smith, the reason we’re all here at all.


You mean Jeff Goldblum :grin:

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Hope you’re looking forward to the big parade!

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I am trying to get the kids to sleep so I can do some pointing between patio slabs.
#fun #whatanight #hype

Everyone keeps using Data as a third wheel to get out of sexual situations, leave him alone smh


Evening all. Went punting (I did not punt) then ate posh bbq and sat in the sun. Have now escaped to my hotel room and was going to go to the gym but then I remembered I’ve had about 5 drinks. Might go for a walk then watch Love Island.


Bill Clinton: the Oxbridge years

(Nothing like a bit of 90s political satire)


I’ve been meaning to order the Green Roasting Tin for ages after all the recommendations on here, but kept forgetting.

I’ve just ordered it, so thanks for reminding me

I’m working until 9pm again tonight :frowning:

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Evening all. Going for a Canada Day celebration at my friend’s house. Have made a tortière for the occasion. Aircon on the train is set to “deliberate trolling of office workers”

Absolutely cba lads. Feeling real flat atm. Partner has gone to a gym class, I’m watching Mad Men. Gonna have cauliflower masala veggie sausages, roast veg and cous cous for tea. Might have an orange juice lolly afterwards

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Hi! Had a drive to Plymouth for McDonald’s lunch, did some shopping, made a doctors appointment about my fucked ankle/leg for tomorrow. Nice day all in all. Got some cheese & jalapeno potato skins in the oven for tea with a bit of chicken, pork and ham pie and some Walkers popadoms. Gonna pop over and shut the Björk poll in a minute.

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Omg suspense



Hi Neil and pals,

Pretty productive afternoon, finally took to the charity shop, the 3 massive bags of books and assorted crap that have been sitting by the door for 6 weeks since my last burst of productivity.
Had a photoshoot with Winifred which, as usual, resulted in no good pics.
Then I laid out in the garden to start a new book and promptly fell asleep.

Woke up again and have now made a decent dent :blush:
About to drink some wine and play Adventure Time Fluxx with the TV. In the garden listening to some pretty emo pop punk :heart:

Kedjeree for tea

Happy HUMP day, CHUMPs x