Wed. Evening Thread

Hi Neil and pals,

Pretty productive afternoon, finally took to the charity shop, the 3 massive bags of books and assorted crap that have been sitting by the door for 6 weeks since my last burst of productivity.
Had a photoshoot with Winifred which, as usual, resulted in no good pics.
Then I laid out in the garden to start a new book and promptly fell asleep.

Woke up again and have now made a decent dent :blush:
About to drink some wine and play Adventure Time Fluxx with the TV. In the garden listening to some pretty emo pop punk :heart:

Kedjeree for tea

Happy HUMP day, CHUMPs x


Flatbread pizza thing for tea.

Forgot the ice lollies yesterday didn’t I.

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My darling partner bought a Joseph Joseph soap dish. I’m not going to look up how much that cost.

Forgot to out them int freezer or forgot to eat them?

Eat them. Went for a curry and then was drinking :beers: with the footers LAD

That’s OK! You still have them to look forward to then.

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I had a nice dinner

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Think I’ve got Lyme Disease. Either that or I’m just really tired.

though I used Uncle Ben’s rice and I’m a bit worried it’s kind of racist, will have to learn how to cook real rice one day.

Impeccable taste as always Gnomeo.

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might cancel my diet again today

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I’m currently drinking wine from this mug 15621789033851466990319852914797

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red or white?

Must be Lyme Disease

Early Bob Dylan lyri

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Red. White wine is the devil.


I completely agree

Had a happy Wednesday. Transition with new class this afternoon and they are the total dream :heart_eyes: longest week ever though isn’t it???

Had mushroom pasta thing for tea. Going to watch the other semi and read the internet for the rest of the evening.

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It’s not Thursday yet tilty :laughing:

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