Wed evening thread

No evening thread yet or have I missed it somehow?

One of our neighbours just spent like 10 mins going round the garden yelling for his cat in the pissing rain and as soon as he gave up it stopped raining

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Evening froglet and others!

I’m waiting for football to start. I am really tired but I’ve been awake since 5 so not entirely surprising.


Had my tea. Quickly doing the dishes then I’ll watch the football and probably have an early one.

This is the longest short week ever.

I’m only guessing that it was a cat, by the way, because he was carrying what looked like a pet carrier and because what other pet might you let out unsupervised and then take back upstairs in a carrier. Mr Froglet, however, decided that it was a chinchilla.

Evening all :wave:

Long day today. In better news, there are now vaccines available in King’s Lynn for my age group so I’m all booked in :relaxed:



I was out leafleting this afternoon. One man took offence at me putting a leaflet through his door, so he came barrelling out of his house and called me a ‘fucking nonce’.

I then got bitten by a dog.

When I got home I was talking to my mam, and she told me that she’s going to vote Tory.

Now only pizza will do.

Hi @blimeycharlie @Gnometorious & @Avery

This is your weekly reminder that tomorrow is bin day.

Thanks and take care
Bam x


Incorrect, Monday was a Bank holiday, friday is therefore bin day.

That said, thank you for the reminder

oh wait a SECOND!

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it seems my bin day is continuing unaffected. How strange!

Oh shit, that is a bad day! I hope your evening is better. :hugs:


Hi :wave:
So, since last week when one of the flats in my building caught fire (very minimal damage and the guy who lives there was out and is fine thank God) all of the people who live in my building have become friends and it’s so lovely, a really nice thing to come out of a shit situation. We have a building WhatsApp group now and everything, and have had drinks twice and it’s all very cute.
HOWEVER, upon chatting I discovered that everyone else is council tax band A and I’m band B for some unknown reason, even though I’m in one of the smaller flats!! So I spent twenty minutes today on the phone to my local borough council being all “wtf?” and they were like :woman_shrugging: it’s based on how much your property was valued at in 1991 and it’s up to the government take it up with their website but their website is all “actually it’s your local council who set the prices so chat to them” and oooooh I’m unhappy.
Still. I have friends who help me take the bins in and out now, so overall a win. Furious that Lee from the council was lying to my… ears, though.


are you a Thursday binperson? If so I can add you to the weekly reminder

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Wednesday usually my love, but Thursday this week cause of the bank holiday! Thank you though :blush:

well just as a special treat this once then:

don’t forget to put your bins out for collection tomorrow!


I think you may be able to contact the Valuation Office Agency about that.

(Apologies if that’s what you’ve already been looking at)


Told my class this morning that I had a funny story to tell them and said that at my house I lost my remote in my bedroom somewhere and I didn’t know where it was and then decided to get them to put their hands up and guess where I found it.

One of them was like in the pillowcase? And I was like no but in a way you’re kinda close actually (remember they are 4/5yo). Anyway I told them that I decided to take my clothes out the washing machine cos that’s what grownups apparently do and I FOUND IT IN THERE! And they all pissed themselves with laugher and then one of them put their hands up and said “can you tell us another funny story?”
I was like I’m sure in time I’ll have another one, guys.
Then we made a train out of cardboard boxes and went to Italy.


Omg thank you so so much!! That’s so helpful! Will get on it now, you’re a star

Edit: oh foof, you can only challenge it if you’ve been paying for less than six months. WELL I STILL WILL. What are they gonna do, take me to court? Do it, I’ve got time!


You can get it changed and get money back!

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From the link I just posted:

What if I’ve lived in my property longer than six months?

If you’ve lived in your property for more than six months, you can still contact the VOA with evidence of why you think your band should be changed, and it will decide if it’s enough to review your case.

Asking for a review is a different process than making a challenge. The VOA has told me it will be quicker and more efficient to ring it on 03000 501 501 if you’re in England, or 03000 505 505 if you’re in Wales. This is because you’ll get to speak to an expert directly, who will help you with queries and explain the process.

However, you can also write a letter politely explaining: “I am writing to tell you I believe the council tax banding list of my property is incorrect, my house is in the wrong band, and I ask that you investigate to check, and correct it if it is in the wrong band.” You will need to provide evidence along with your letter (for more, see the guidance on how to challenge your council tax band).

Send your letter to: Valuation Office Agency, Customer Service Centre, Wycliffe House, Green Lane, Durham, DH1 3UW.

This has worked and does work, though there are no guarantees. It can need some perseverance and you may only get a band change going forward, but no backdated payout.