Wed Evening


I made huge onion bhaji for tea.

I haven’t finished my job application.

What have you made today?

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It was pretty alright

Big match now isn’t it. Cracked open some chocolate orange mini eggs for accompaniment

Had half a Vivera kebab which was excellent, and some leftover lemon mock chicken on the side because i was out of control with hunger and couldn’t settle on a craving.

They do not make good bedfellows, can you believe it?!

Just heard m quietly threatening Fig with “you know you can kill yourself”. #Blessed

I can’t believe you made a giant onion bhaji and haven’t posted a picture.

Been to the boozer Here’s my tea

Bet some dickheads having broccoli or some shit


I had a Chinese because I hadn’t eaten all day cos of interview nerves. Had a pint of Heverlee earlier. Underrated stuff, that.

Got the football on just now but not sure my heart is in it. Might stick Derry Girls on in a bit and finish The Ultimatum too.

I’ve officially started having an ice lolly every night after tea again now too btw.

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I haven’t made anything

I did get a new old game in the post (Persona 5 for the PS3 as I don’t have a PS4)

I’m also feeling motivated to go and play basketball because I was playing relatively well yesterday

going to work on my jump shot as usual, plus reverse + switch hand layups, some nice dribble moves, etc

I just ate a Pop Tart



Think my tea is stella tbh. Might have a soup later.

Kiev and beans for dinner.

Still got the Ultra Sads so going to go to bed and read shortly, I suppose

in a weird mood today, been doing a lot of staring into space. had a nap at 7pm which is quite out of character and has thrown my evening off. don’t quite know what to do :thinking: might just have an early night and reset my brain for tomorrow.

made pasta for tea coz it needed using up. it’s that kind of day i reckon.

Weird day. I got barely any sleep so have been really grumpy all day, but then loads of good work stuff happened at once; got back some physical copies of a book cover I designed, another job I did like 3 years ago got nominated for an award and two new exciting bits of work might have come along. Makes me feel silly just sulking around all day.

Aubergine and mozzarella thing for dinner and making a start on the new series of Better Call Saul.

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Good ish day.

Wfh for most of it, then headed in to the city for my friend’s book tour. Not Far From Brideshead is a really well-researched, charming story, and I recommend it to anyone interested in oxford’s wartime history. @hip_young_gunslinger it’s your jam

Now I’m going to go and eat a pizza and drink something strong; tomorrow I have a stressful work chat, but that’s future xylo problems

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Sausages and sweet potato, and a couple of good documents at work. And a big poo this morning.

This is the recipe but I thought a burger bun full of potato was a bit much:



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Alright? Tired as fuck as usual. Had SF chicken and wedges for tea followed by the last of thr Creme Egg ice cream. Need to make some chimichurri for Mrs F to have tomorrow while I’m out, then do some serious lying down.

Seeing Baby Queen :+1:

Really enjoyed the support act :+1:

Obnoxious cynical teenagers making fun of her next to me :-1:

Tired :-1:

Still, excited to see my #1 most played artist of the last 12 months :+1:

Corn on the cob / chipotle / squash / feta thing for dinner, which went down far too quickly

A life vest I ordered arrived today, while I was at the office. Big thanks to DPD for leaving it on the doorstep in full view of anyone who walks past. Might take the SUP out at the weekend if I can to try it out. Obviously the ideal would be if I didn’t fall into the sea though

I’ve just been told there’s chocolate pudding too! Yum!