My mate met Bill Oddie twice in two seperate pubs last night and it has actually Done Me for the day.


Bill Oddie
Bill Oddie
Put your hands all over my body


B. Oddie


What’s rude about a body?


Ugh. Morning.

Quarterly all-company meeting starting at 8.30 and I’m working until 7 today :rage:


Back at work after just over 2 weeks off :expressionless:




Today’ll be my first back after a week. I think a full day may drive me round the bend so I’m taking a half. Good luck.


Waiting in for a British Gas engineer; whilst my father in law potters around in the garden (which he seems to have adopted as his own since retirement). I may not get much done whilst WFH today.


I have to walk past the village cricket pitch on my way to work and just now I was just coming up to it when this came on shuffle and now I’m in the BEST mood!


Just had a proper look at my calendar. 6 hours of calls today. 6 hours. 6.



Another day of working from home and builders

Had Bircher porridge with banana and a mug of coffee





I was awake for an hour in the night with crippling cramp in my left leg. My other half rolled over in her sleep and asked if I was OK. There may have been swearing.

Pub quiz tonight though, which we’re going to do terribly at but should be good fun.


Hahaha so many people in the queue for this plane despite the allocated seats AND IT’S DELAYED. SIT DOWN


just taken the dog back to the vets again expecting him to say we’ll be taking the stitches out next time but he put her on more antibiotics. going for pizza then lcd soundsystem tonight tho




GWS andyvine’s dog x

(also hope you enjoy LCD pizza night :slight_smile:)


Woe is me



meeting my friend after work and going to see a fillum and then get some food, should be very very nice

first tho, work

also, free pizza day, but later’s food is also pizza, can i eat pizza twice today?

  • yes of course, you hero
  • no that’s really disgusting

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