Wed-nes-day morning thread


Hi DiS, I am actually up early enough to start one of these for once. Sadly it’s because I am sitting in City (!) airport waiting for a flight to Berlin for work - have to roll straight into the client’s offices when I touch down, I am currently very jealous of everyone who’s clearly just on holiday with their 7am pints.

So… conversation starters…

Favourite airport?

Earliest holiday pint? (After sleeping, no ‘still drinking at 10am from the night before’)

Anyway got an hour to kill before the flight and am avoiding my work e-mails so hit me.


JFK, probably - they have a control panel where you can build your own sandwich in one of the food courts.

We travelled from Liverpool to Tallin on a stag weekend once. Pints at half six in Liverpool (with breakfast); arrived in Tallin mid afternoon and forgot to eat any additional food. I was a poorly boy.

Morning all!


Memmingen, or “Munich West” as Ryanair like to call it. Something like four flights a day so it’s quiet, reasonable food, and has a nice beer garden. Also has the word “minge” in it, which is a bonus.

Don’t do early drinking really.


Got my annual appraisal today, so I should definitely read what I said I’d get done this year. I know I’ve done the one that my bonus depends on, but beyond that? No idea.


morning badman, keith, epimer, mimmingen and etc



I’d have to say Edinburgh airport, anywhere else I’ve been returning from holiday so no matter how nice the airport there’s always an end of holiday sadness that taints it :sob:

Earliest holiday pint… no idea. Probably before 12pm anyway. Once I’ve had one drink I like to continue and I don’t fancy my chances if I start too early. Hangovers during the day are the worst.


Zurich or Copenhagen probably.

When I arrived at JFK there had been some kind of catastrophic toilet incident (floor collapsed?): load of people frantically cleaning human shit off the floor.



That’s the basic ambience of La Guardia on its best day - at least JFK can be better sometimes.



I don’t think I’ve ever had an airport pint.


They were just rushing people through passport control with no checks cos it smelled so bad. Trumpy would have been distraught.


Are we talking about the president, or the person who shouldn’t have trusted their fart?

EDIT: didn’t read your post properly. My joke doesn’t work.


German exam today and I think I’m going to be sick.

My favourite airport is Madrid Barajas because I like the roof.


I liked flying to Edinburgh from Oxford airport, when you checked in the reception people would point at a door near them and invite you to go through to security. When you got there the security people were the same people who were in reception but with hi-vis jackets on. Also the luggage reclaim was just a table by the runway.

Earliest holiday pint is probably around 6am before flying to Canada. No rules in the airports obviously.

I am fine today but I am really sad about Article 50. It’s so depressing, embarrassing and woefully inept.


Around 5:30 for an airport pint/full English (flight was at 7 so guessing around then).

No favourite airport really. As long as I can get an all day brekkie it’s fine.

Still have a massive case of the CBAs


I also really like that neon walkway in Chicago O’Hare


Morning all. Horrible day weather wise so waiting to cycle in when that all calms down.

Needlessly freaking out and convincing myself I was getting a stress-based stomach ulcer last night didn’t make for a great night’s sleep :grimacing:


Morning. Had an 11am pint before flying to the states last time we went. Thought it’d help me sleep but nope.

Boring day at work today but Masterchef returns tonight!!!


Fave airport: Santiago de compostela. Clearly hasn’t been touched since the 60s - has that awesome all white and grey marble interior.

Earliest pint was probably 6am at Stanstead a few years ago. With full English too, naturally


Been on hold for 45 minutes listening to the same three shit songs on repeat.


Might end up using that airport later on in the year. Want to do Vigo and might tag a trip to Santiago on.


Morning DiS!

I don’t think I have a favourite airport. Maybe Barcelona (BCN) as it means I’ve just arrived to start an amazing holiday.

Earliest pint was probably around 5AM in Dublin Airport on the way to Porto a few years ago.


Got a very long to-do list to get through this morning. Have to put the head down now.