Wed-nes-day morning thread

1hr in now. Gonna have to hang up when i get to work :rage:

Gatwick is so grimey.

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Porto airport is quite nice.

Also like Heathrow Terminal 5.

Earliest airport pint: 5am probably, numerous times.

Not much to report again today I’m afraid. Have fun in Berlin, @badmanreturns

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The London airports are basically fine, for airports​, with the exception of Luton, which we’ve established is probably an actual hellmouth.

(I haven’t been to City but I assume it’s basically fine)

Gatwick is way worse than Heathrow, it feels like there is a layer of filth on everything.

Always annoying as well because the airports you often land at are really clean and nice and it makes you wonder what makes people in Gatwick so unable to clean things properly.

This thread is making me feel sadder as it’s likely to be a couple of years before I go to an airport again.

I dunno, the collapsing pound makes the UK an affordable holiday destination.

Surely you could just go for a day visit though? Get your six pints and cooked breakfast in, stock up on giant toblerones and shortbread, and back home in time for supper

Morning all!

Big fan of Birmingham really. It’s got somewhere nicer than Wetherspoons for your breakfast and 5am pint and then you can go and sit up by the gates and have a good view of everything going on out on the runway and whatnot. I reckon it’s just the right size as well - not too busy/massive and not too quiet/small. Baggage reclaim always seems to take the piss though. I liked Barcelona (except the terminal that Easyjet use) too.

Quite excited about flying from Manchester in May as Birmingham is the only ‘proper’ UK airport I’ve ever used before (the others are Liverpool and Coventry which were both shitholes).

My kitchen still stinks of cheese this morning (after leaving a cheese-covered grater in the sun all day yesterday), although it has diminished from what it was yesterday.
I did quite a bit of my work for today and tomorrow yesterday, so I need to find plenty of distractions to keep me busy. Need to have a walk up to IT at some point and see if I can get a new mouse and keyboard, cos these keep fucking about.

I’m always surprised by how awful airport toilets seem to be. Every other area of an airport (generally speaking) is well maintained, shiny and clean, but the toilets always seem a bit grim - I guess they see quite a lot of action though. Suppose it’s like pub toilets really - No matter how nice the pub, the toilet is still a pub toilet.

Yup. Hung up after 1h 35m :expressionless:

Morning all. Feeling a’ight. Article 50 triggered though, get that in the bin.

I had a few hours layover in Detroit last year, was pleasantly surprised. They had a cool monorail thing running through the terminal AND they had a Chick-fil-A

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The Heathrow ones at the easyJet gates for my Munich flights are astonishingly nice. Clean, soft lighting, couple of plants, classical music pumped in to gently mask the sounds of nervous flyers dropping their guts, etc.

City airport is pretty great guys. I flew EasyJet from Luton last time to try and be nice and save the company a bit of money - fuck doing that again.

Delayed btw. At least we’re on the plane now and still not in the client’s office I guess.

@plasticniki thanks, I will try, but it’s basically a 72 hour work trip with breaks only for sleep. Gonna try and have a couple of nice Mikkeler beers in the hotel at least!


There used to be a Maglev at Birmingham in the 80s/90s between the terminal and the railway station. According to the internet, it was the world’s first in actual passenger use. Proper futuristic that.

Kept breaking down though, so they binned it for a cable car type thing instead.

Anyone ever been to Antwerp airport? It’s tiny - like, smaller than a Tesco Metro.

My least favourite is Manchester, as I used to work there and it wasn’t a good time.

My favourite might be Barcelona. Almost everything in Barcelona’s amazing.


I like Hamad International Airport cause it’s massive and has this huge teddy bear sculpture in.

I am feeling a bit meh today. Quite down in the dumps.

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What’s the do?

I don’t understand the question

taking a lot of effort to not want to end it all today. I need to not think about anything