Wed Nes Day

Annual appraisal & salary/contract negotiation in t - 5minutes

Wish me luck

What’s on your spreadsheet/to-do/calendar today?


Morning BITT.

Absolutely nothing :grimacing:

Morning everyone.

  • New job offer is brilliant
  • slept well
  • kids seem energised after school has gone back
  • mums treatments are going well
  • been signed off for mental health reasons for three weeks
  • mental health reasons as above
  • nerve pain is wild and disrupting everything
  • New dose of meds is making me feel uncomfortably high

Today is my Friday. My darling partner’s birthday tomorrow so we’re having a long weekend staycation

Had a shocking night, to go with a shocking day yesterday. Hoping today is better

At lunchtime I’ve got my first dose of the vaccination.

It feels like my birthday.

(It is not my birthday).


Good luck!

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


This morning I need to anonymously attack a competitor’s patent.

This afternoon I need to write an SOP for a specific deadline calculation.

This evening I will contemplate the futility of existence and maybe have an ice cream.


Need to write the config for 19 warehouse printers


And good luck man.

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Overnight the works chat has revealed at least one team member as an anti vaxxer and another, a working class lad, as a tory.

Had a sweet dream about an ex and now I’ve woken up depressed. Nice one brain.

Consumed with the unrealistic desire to move to a little cottage near some woods and a lake, as per.


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Never heard it…


Hi. So happy to see almost summer skies in @aboynamedgoo picture. So hopeful.


Morning all!

I’m doing ninety minutes of presentation assessments this morning, and then talking to some Healthcare students about presentation skills this afternoon. I’ll probably end up dealing with low level beeves around the subject of Prelim exams too. There’s a Nicki Minaj reference there somewhere but I can’t quite get it to work.

Doing some roasted sardines and sweet potato for tea.

CBA again.


Good luck @BodyInTheThames - hope all goes well.

Went for my first run in 2 weeks after my leg issues, went fine - only did 15 mins, as I didn’t want to risk anything. Meeting up with an old work mate at lunch for a catch-up.


Good luck everyone who has got things on.

Take it easy everyone who has not.

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Sacked off work today - I didn’t sleep well and I’ve been going full-throttle at the moment so I think I just need a day of not pushing myself.