Wed Nes Day

Gonna have some weetos to cheer myself up.

What a sad little life.


Sent my best friend a tiktok yesterday, right, cause I thought she’d find it funny. And I was right because this woman has the brass nerve to send me the SAME TIKTOK this morning being all “haha this did me in”
Well it would’ve done you in yesterday if you’d have watched it when I sent it to you. Furious.


Didn’t sleep a wink last night

Day trying to work in front of the cricket it is

Had forgot about this. Day is acceptable again.

Thanks for the concern regarding my sleep mate :smiley:

Oh yeah, have a nap in the lunch break, sorted.

We done, fuss and fight, we done, fuss and fight
DJ Luck a drop it with the rhythm and the rhyme
DJ Luck a drop it with the bad bassline
Bad bassline, bad bassline
Bad bass, bad bass, bad bassline

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Good luck mate!

It’s going to be a great day!

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It’s already doubled in size since I took that pic! :triumph:

Im only ever in the daily threads to moan but this time of year in work always suckkkkks

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Fill it in with black biro

Don’t tempt me.

do it

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Morning. Nice vaguely springlike day.

This morning I have a meeting to work out how to ‘synergise our offerings’. Kill me now.

Will shill for Dogecoin

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It’s fashion, dahhhhhhling!

Imagine spending £100 on a pair of tights, let alone those ones! :dizzy_face:


Why haven’t they banned weekday DIY during the pando ffs

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think the rats in our house are dead. and now the smell is seeping through the walls

so that’s… a win?