Wed Nes Day

Can’t you smell me, I’m rotting in the wall?

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Some oiks broke into one of our garages last night. Thankfully the only things in the one they got into are a rusty petrol lawnmower, an old oven, a bookcase, and two broken office chairs. Arseholes.

Hearing that next door down lost some heavy duty hedge-trimmers.

Must have happened between 2-5 am. Hope the cunts come back again. [shotgun cock noises]

break the wall down, you might find another hidden room like last time


Good day all.
Not really feeling it today.
Back is still in a pretty bad way and work is cack.
As it’s Wed NES day though, please enjoy this Nes motivational gif.

Hope you’re all good.

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Are you having that thing where everyone you walk past feels the need to tell you you’ve got a hole in your tights, as though you didn’t notice or could do something about it?

I cut my knee and ripped my tights at work once and the only nail polish anyone had to stop them laddering was bright red. So i was walking around with a hole in my tights, covered in red nail polish, with a cut in the middle, and people were still ‘helpfully’ telling me i had a hole in my tights!


think this time i’ll be like ‘oh my god i’ve discovered a third bathroom’ and it will just be my neighbours bathroom


Ah man that’s shit.
Glad you didn’t lose anything too precious.
What a bunch of shits, especially with everything people are going through now.
On the plus side congrats on the:


Would explain the smell

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Hate that Schwimmer advert

Yeah thankfully we’ve only ever used that garage as a “let’s pile up loads of shit we should really take to the tip” room. Slightly amused at the effort they’d have had to make to get in there, all quiet like, clambering over things… only to find fuck all of value. Would have done me a favour if anything had gone :laughing: No chance of them getting in the converted barn / office / workshop where anything interesting is kept, but more that a pair of scumbags have been on the property with ill intent. Grrr. Haven’t checked the CCTV yet, might get together with next door and go through that later.

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Aye report it and check the cameras for anything.
Or… Rig the garage with a series of Home Alone style traps :slightly_smiling_face:


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How do we know it’s not coming from the secret sex dungeon? :open_mouth:

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we keep a VERY clean sex dungeon thank you


Wearing shorts in February when 11 degrees

  • No
  • Ffine

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there are no rules anymore. i was in shorts all yday and didn’t actually leave the house

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fine but once you break the seal that’s it. you are committed to shorts until next winter so be careful.

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Yeah, next door have reported theirs with us - think a few other places had attempts up the road too, cos mum was waffling something about the local facebook group.

Only if you’re a postman IMO. Always see them cutting about with their calves out


that doesn’t sound too bad