Wed Nes Day

Nice morning today. What you angels up to?

I have a 7 year old :partying_face: she woke up at 4.50 which I’m sure was the time she was born :crystal_ball:

Is someone going to make me a chai?


Happy birthday to kiddo Scout! :birthday:


Happy birthday M! :partying_face:

I didn’t get to sleep til nearly 1 because of a poorly bunny who, despite refusing her medication and not staying still enough for an X Ray, is now running around her enclosure munching on grass and pretending the whole episode never happened.


Got a man coming to take my roof off and then put it back on again.



Morning everyone

Going into town as I have a full day of training on software. Cant be arsed, but free lunch and get to go to the other office we have a contract with on St Vincent St which is a change.

Happy birthday m

I’m very tired. No work again today as my daughter still can’t walk or straighten her legs, so looking after both of the kids at home today. Did I mention I’m tired?

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But not hungry any more right?

Always hungry


Think I might go out and buy a couple of croissants for breakfast. That definitely seems like a good idea.


I’m lying in bed

Morning all. I woke up at 5 and decided to let the day take me, so I’m now in the breakfast room of the youth hostel enjoying some white toast with cold butter and some ricington crispiewispies.

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Happy birthday to little Scout!

Back to the hospital this morning.

Cleared the spare room in anticipation of a sofa bed delivery tomorrow. Just finished a couple of fried eggs on toast.

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Is this one of the fellow hostel guests?


Hope everything goes ok :revolving_hearts:


Happy cakes Scout Jr! :partying_face:

Cat woke me up at 5 and 6am so that was nice. Off to work in a minute for another day of beer-based fun, then it’s the big shop and hopefully a whole lot of nothing.


Think 7 was probably the high point of my existence. Tell M to enjoy it as it’s all downhill from there.

Have a long meeting but it’s casual and with my immediate team so should be fine. Followed by a (probably indoors) picnic which is essentially my leaving party. Feeling a bit better than I was yesterday so hopefully I will be able to eat something - I’ll look so rude if I don’t because everyone has made stuff.

Then the drive home enjoying my last hours of having a fancy car that is pleasant to drive :sob::sob::sob:

And then see my pups :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(I’ve been away for one night but it’s been a year since we were last separated I think)

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Audibly giggled.


Oh those eggaroonies look perfect

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Happy birthday MiniScout! 7 is a mint age.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Off to the office, got the dreads as I’m leading a set of workshops. Dig out a suit I’d not worn since Jan 2020 according to the metro ticket in the pocket.

Off to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy the night, should be a nice sit down for a bit if nothing else.



After 6 months of early shifts I think my body has completely forgotten what a lie in is. Got in at 1am the last couple of nights and then been wide awake by 8.30.

HB to miniscout! :tada:

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