wed nez day 6th Spet

ended up getting up way earlier than normal

which is the only time I ever make these threads

going to the office today, if anyone can recommend a good place to buy a sandwich in the area between Lambeth North, Waterloo and Borough please do so

also my rare daily thread being compared to ‘not many good threads today’ is kinda savage

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Didn’t go to sleep til after 2 for #noreason - gonna be a long sleepy day ahead

Gotta make a vv short notice decision about whether or not to go for a flat. I think we won’t and I’m a little gutted about that but ah well … onwards eh

Otherwise just the recent standard work, sun, read, make plans combo

Good morning Wiggo, good morning everyone :wave:

Might get up and have bran flakes and read a little before work. Might stay here and do more internet. Who knows

Have a nice day all

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Bathroom door has fallen off its hinges this morning. Had the bathroom floor replaced a couple of weeks ago and it’s related to that.

School drop off - try to parent and WFH - school pick up. Boring day and not getting too much done

I’m bloody shattered.


Morning all!

I went to bed early because I was too tired but then woke up with The Child at 3.30 and am not very well rested.

We’re all doing COVID tests because we feel like shit and The Child has a cough.Mine is negative though.

I’m online with my research class today so it should be reasonably low-impact and high-coffee.

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3 (THREE) Weetabix for breakfast. Quick dog walk. Off to work.

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Jealous of your dream quality


Alright, got a plumber coming out next week - so we’re turning the hot water on only when we need it. Fun. The leak is still very slight, have tried gaffa taping around the join but doesn’t work really, water still getting through.

Got 1 meeting today and that’s it, but got loads of articles to chase/write up so that will take up most of the day.

Haven’t had any post since Saturday and expecting several things (including my doctor’s note)


In Brighton they had a whole load of temps to make up the shortfall of postmen. Then about three months ago they got rid of all the temps. GREAT WORK ROYAL MAIL!

Off to Bath

Might get on the pints with our boy @shrewbie


I will DM you a list of people to go and say hello to for me.

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Anyway, MORNING!

It’s Wednesday, so I’m in the office. I had a nice drive in singing along to the Best of Prefab Sprout, but there’s something up with the playlist because for some reason it doesn’t include Cars & Girls, which is surely some mistake, since it’s one of my favourites of theirs

Watched a very sad and moving TikTok just before bed last night from an Irish comedian I follow and it really fucked with my dreams and now I’m in a bit of a hole. Also I’ve only got one Penguin left in my emergency cupboard.

Let it go you monster


I’ll send you a couple of fillets, you’ll soon change your tune.

Went to the local last night for a pint

It’s basically an old stately home with a fountain in the beer garden (well they actually said “your welcome to take the dog through and sit in in the grounds”)

Think I’m gonna have to move. Will be worried about the small boats in a matter of weeks I think.


Reckon it tastes more chickeny or fishy?