Weddening Threadening

Is there bad protocol about starting two day threads in a row?

Meh. God I’m tired. Slept right through but still feeling it. How are you xx

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Had a waaaaay better night’s sleep than normal. Was going to wake up at silly o’clock to go out and watch the sun rise on top of a hill but I didn’t wake up like I’d normally been doing.

Gonna have a coffee, start a new book, shower, breakfast, “work”… Go for a mooch on my :bike: after work I think.

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Well don’t look at me. I daren’t risk starting them too early!

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Morning tilts, morning everyone. It’s my Monday - getting up in a minute to put the washing away and do the low-impact exercise class I found on YouTube for a third day. Then I’ll make like a dwarf and go off to work.


Morning tilts and everybody…

Couldn’t sleep last night so that was annoying as am off to work today. Prob going to do some gardening and art, got to compose a song about spring as well then it’s a staff zoom meeting, home, curry, telly etc

Morning all

Had a dream that I went to an Airbnb during lockdown, found a large furry grey cat called Matthew, and spent the rest of the dream trying to relocate it with its owner.

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Have had about 4 hours sleep? Got work. Six children in today. Might see if I can find a some clay for the afternoon so we can all make ashtrays except I won’t tell them that they’re ashtrays.


Bad sleep but that’s very normal so :man_shrugging:t2: Morrisons later then cleaning the kitchen then hopefully absolutely nothing.

Hi! I’m doing nothing today in all likelihood. Other than some hoovering but I will probably have lost my motivation for that by the time everyone else is awake and I can politely start.

Maybe I should try and do something. Wouldn’t mind getting paints out for R but I think I would be too anxious to make it fun. I wish I could be fun :frowning:

Film Club tonight though :partying_face:
Anyone want to join in?


Had a sexy dream about an esports commentator last night, so that’s… something.

Morning all!

Today is grocery shopping day, so I’ll be off out to the grocery mine as soon as Wor Lass wakes up to relieve me of childcare duties.

I’ll be answering work emails for some of the afternoon and trying to finish the next bit of my ongoing research project.



morning all :wave:

slept really badly last night and had weird dreams including queuing up to have Brad Pitt make me some coffee at a big games exhibition thing, and me trying to cook pasta with a spatula instead of a saucepan, surprisingly without success.

quite tired as a result tbh. not sure how much work I have to do today but hoping it’s minimal, and as unirritating as possible :crossed_fingers:

Morning all.

Last night’s run confirmed that the brief period where you could cross main roads without pausing is pretty much over.

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Morning, slept fine last night, which is amazing considering how much is going on in my head over various things. Got some more records this morning through from bandcamp day (thanks box records) - Big Lad, Lower Slaughter and Terminal Cheesecake vinyl. - Very happy.

Had avocado on toast for breakfast. Feel very London c. 2013

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Omg they had the fucking clay out yesterday :sob:

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It’s my birthday, i’m 42 today. How the fuck did that happen?!

Got a couple of calls to make then gonna go for a walk and then come back and drink some excellent wine and listen to records for the rest of the day. :+1: :wine_glass: :musical_note:


Happy birthday Lopes :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada: