Food? Plans? Etc.

Today has been a total head fuck. Got offered a transfer on Monday (88 miles commuting a day), accepted as the package was good. Now been offered a transfer with 35 miles commuting a day much closer to home and cyclable. Fucking hell.


Yay! You’re taking the 2nd, right?


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Nice. No excuses for not being a nimble cycling ninja now though!

Had some pies and veg for tea, burnt the shite out my mouth coz i was in a rush. Off to band practice to audition a new drummer :crossed_fingers: might get some tins in.


I used to be very good before I sat on my arse in a car every day

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Exactly. No excuses now!

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Evening Eric. Chicken and Pesto Pasta Bake from M&S that was really yummy. TV and DiS. Need to get out of the habit of just getting home and sitting down. Need to make better use of my evenings.

I’ll be looking to you for motivation!

My 7 mile total commute is not quite on the same level! I did get quite excited that it was dark enough on my way home to whip out my new super bright lights. Looking forward to blinding people into getting out my way.

have you seen if pietro is available?

Was supposed to be going to a gig tonight but its like an hour or so away and I’m on my own because the mate I was meeting flaked. Trying to debate whether to drag my arse there anyway.

Ah, so looking forward to getting on the bike again.

Fucking hell, what a week.

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For a minute I thought this was each way.


That’s what I currently do

Evening all. Got friends popping over at 8 and am not going to get home til 7.30 because of a delayed train.

On my way to Slowdive (and Blanck Mass) :ok_hand:


“from here to here is as red as a fire engine!”

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Hi all. Just sprinted back from an RPM class because I thought it would be cool to leave my lasagne cooking away in the oven whilst I was out. As the class went on the dread slowly started to build that I would come back to a charred mess.

It’s fine. Might just pass out now.