wedding rings

None of the men in my family wear wedding rings, my Dad, my uncle, and both my Grandpa’s (they are all married). I don’t think they ever had one, none of them have been unfaithful as far as I know. Due to this I didn’t even realise men were meant wear rings until a few years ago. Is this unusual, anyone else experienced this? Other ring anecdote welcome ( the metal variety )

they’ve all now successfully been seduced by Beyoncé.


Or Stephen Merritt.

I wonder simply men were meant wear ring

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My dad never wore one either. Though in retrospect I think he probably cheated on my mum at any given opportunity so I’m sure he wanted to appear single.

Don’t think I’d want to wear a ring. Just reckon id find it a bit uncomfortable

I wear one. That is my anecdote


Aye my dad has never worn one cos he’s a brickie and he thought it’d get messed up in no time (doesn’t like watches for the same reason) so I always just assumed I wouldn’t wear one. My wife thought otherwise though and I have a very cheap 9ct yellow gold ring cos it was the cheapest I could find.


I did for a few weeks then you just kind of forget it’s on there

I wear a ring. It’s incredibly plain. Just brushed titanium or something. It was one of the cheapest ones they had (£60 I think). Took me a while to get used to it. Now I feel weird if I take it off.

Want to learn that thing where you can open a beer bottle with it but don’t want to scratch it/damage it.

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I don’t find it uncomfortable, but I’m always fiddling with it and sliding it up and down my finger (no!).

Occasionally falls off as a result and rolls around on the floor. Only a matter of time before I’m trying to rescue it from a drain with a fishing rod.


Imagine the 2 key factors are:
-They’re pretty easy to lose and most people don’t bother replacing them
-Fingers get fatter over time so most mens wedding rings don’t fit them any more

Play on, player

I tried to avoid getting it wet when washing my hands first time I wore it. Took me a fortnight or so to get used to it.

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My BIL has been married for about 5 years and is on his 3rd ring. Keeps losing them. Lost the first one while swimming on his honeymoon. That went down like a cup of cold sick.


Really like wearing mine in a way that I was not expecting to. Leave it at home when I’m climbing then find my finger feels oddly naked without it.


Can confirm that I do not wear a wedding ring.

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Got mine sorted yesterday. Have never ever worn a ring, so expecting it to be weird at first, then to just like I’ve always had it