wedding rings

I wear one. Take it off for the gym and footy.

That’s all I’ve got

I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last 2 years and my ring is now VERY loose. Also my ring finger on my left hand has the least prominent knuckle out of all of my fingers so it’s only a matter of time before it’s gonna fly off and get lost.

It was relatively inexpensive as wedding rings go (£150 or something) so I’m thinking I’m just going to get another one made soon for when it flies off and I can just bang the new one on and hope my wife doesn’t notice.

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Have you tried squeezing it really hard to tighten it up?

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This is bullshit
Coming up on 10 years of constantly noticing it and frankly I still don’t really prefer it to the natural state of no rings

Dented finger

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I’m always giving mine a wee spin on my finger and then my mate told me off once because ‘it looked like I was having second thoughts/an affair’.


Ha! Yeah I fiddle with my ring all the time (heh)


I only recently realise the engagement ring was different from the wedding ring, I thought they gave it back for the ceremony as you only ever see a married women wearing one ring usally

I wear mine and love it - it’s a plain band that’s been hammered so has lots of little surfaces and textures. Only really take it off when kneading bread or making meatballs so I don’t get bits of food stuck under it, and it feels really weird not to have it on now. That’s in sharp contrast to the first few weeks - in about half our wedding photos I’m fiddling with it because it felt so weird!

do they work with their hands? lots of engineers don’t wear wedding rings for safety reasons

you don’t want to look up degloving :nauseated_face:


^ was about to say this.

My dad used to wear his wedding ring (he was an OFFICE WORKER, so no safety issues), but over time his hands have got chubbier and more arthritic, so he can’t wear it now.

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You can get them resized you know?

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One of my Grandpas was an engineer, he did actually loose one of his little fingers supposedly when they dropped and engine on it. (This was the most plausible out all the stories we were told when we were kids i.e sharks, crocodiles, mouse trap)

I don’t think I can get mine resized because of the type of metal it is (think I remember the jeweller saying that).

Will never forget the guy from my hockey club climbing up the fence to get a ball down that was stuck in it, and got his wedding ring caught in the fence and ripped his finger off

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I don’t think I am going to ever wear any type of ring after reading that


she will notice


This sounds like bollocks to me.

Ring chat. I like when new money Tories get signet rings.

One I knows dad made up a family crest last year.

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